AP World History 1450-1750

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1450 part C
Sugar was HUGE in America
New Guinea
Arabs were first to take it – med
Europeans wanted it
oAll they had was honey and fruits
First international mass market product
oCapital from Europe/production in America/ African slaves
Sugar Belt
Slave labor
oMany Indians died
oMany African were resistant to disease
oHorrendous conditions
oMany Africans in Brazil
oSpread t Caribbean
There was Spanish, Friend, English, Dutch islands
o80% of slaves will end up Brazil and Caribbean
oAmerica is looked at in Europe for recourses
Cash Crops
Silver was BIG
More of it so it can be used for world currency
All Spanish
oSugar was mostly Portugal but not the Caribbean
Potsoi Mines in Bolivia (Andes)
oHuge city miserable conditions for the Incas
oRepartimiento – continuations of the Mita. BUT WORSE? Instead for government for Spanish •Mines in Mexico
oAztecs (no black people, and didn't allow slavery)
Once the Spanish come in human sacrifice was gone.
They didn’t want any other beliefs
Spanish Manila was the center of trade
Spanish piece of eight was international currency
Silver made the world go round
How did it work?
oMade in Peru or the mines
oTo Acapulco (Mexico port)
oThen to Spanish Galleons
oThen to Manila
Then they get spices, silk back
Japan also discovered Silver
oMuch of it went into Qing China
Why? Because China had to pay taxes with Silver
Raised Mulberry trees for silk-a cash crop
Econ. Dev. led to deforestation
oSpain benefits at first
Problem don’t develop industries
oInflation hits everywhere
One reason why
oHigh demand in Europe
Status wealth
Europe had depleted a lot of there animals. Europe ran out •Russia Pushing east
oDepopulation of Many animals
The French then went into N. America to look for furs
oMade Indians do it and then traded with them
oTrade for guns, metal
They didn't kill them
oThey traded with alcohol – fighting around each other
oDepopulation of Animals too
Pirates of the Caribbean
Who was involved
Major leaders consqequences
Looking for silver and gold
There were pirates and Privateer
oPirate on their own
oPrivateer was sent by the king – I wasn't sent out (by paper) Semi legal oFrancis Drake (example) he did NOT kill people
Looking for Pieces of 8
The flag that they would fly was the Jolly Roger
oSo they are scared
Henry Morgan
oFamous pirates
oHe was a privateer
He actually took an Island from Spain and gave it to England •Example: Jamaica
Very many women pirates
They did do important things for the countries
oBut others were just ruthless
Example: Black beard
West Africa
Ghana lead to Mali
Mali Declines
oMerchants so upperclass was Muslim
oSunni Ali (King)
Professional Army
Captured Timbuktu
oAskia Mohammed
All Muslims
Comes up with Beauacracy
Good tax system and effective
Pilgrimage to Mecca
Tries to revive Timbuktu
oTrans Saharan slave trade revives – needed Salt
oNo modern weapons
Didn’t last very long
oBy late 1500s Moroccan army defeats them and they collapse •Moroccan have weapons – closer to Europe
But they can’t hold on either but Europe takes it
Takes all the coasts
oWest coast of central
oPortugal will come in with weapons but the Kongo was smart and they became Christian oThey were nice
We wont take you over
We will make you rich
So go get us slaves
And we will give you money
oGave them ports, and powers
Many leaders became Catholic
oGreat Bronze Sculpture
o1440 -1800s
oMany slaves
East Coast trading
they were...
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