AP World History Curriculum Framework

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AP World History Curriculum Framework

Required examples of forms of labor organization:
Free peasant agriculture
Nomadic pastoralism
Craft production and guild organization
Various forms of coerced and unfree labor
Government-imposed labor taxes
Military obligations
B. As in the previous period, social structures were shaped largely by class and caste hierarchies. Patriarchy persisted; however, in some areas, women exercised more power and influence, most notably among the Mongols and in West Africa, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

C. New forms of coerced labor appeared, including serfdom in Europe and Japan and the elaboration of the mit’a in the Inca Empire. Free peasants resisted attempts to raise dues and taxes by staging revolts. The demand for slaves for both military and domestic purposes increased, particularly in central Eurasia, parts of Africa, and the eastern Mediterranean. Teach one illustrative example of regions where free peasants revolted, either from the list below or an example of your choice:

The Byzantine Empire
D. The diffusion of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Neoconfucianism often led to significant changes in gender relations and family structure.

Period 4: Global Interactions, c. 1450 to c. 1750
Key Concept 4.1. Globalizing Networks of
Communication and Exchange
The interconnection of the Eastern and Western hemispheres made possible by transoceanic voyaging marked a key transformation of this period. Technological innovations helped to make transoceanic connections possible. Changing patterns of long-distance trade included the global circulation of some commodities and the formation of new regional markets and financial centers. Increased transregional and global trade networks facilitated the spread of religion and other elements of culture as well as the migration of large numbers of people. Germs carried


Key Concept 4.1.

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AP World History Curriculum Framework

to the Americas ravaged the indigenous peoples, while the global exchange of crops and animals altered agriculture, diets, and populations around the planet.
I. In the context of the new global circulation of goods, there was an intensification of all existing regional trade networks that brought prosperity and economic disruption to the merchants and governments in the trading regions of the Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Sahara, and overland Eurasia.

Teach one illustrative
example of new tools, either
from the list below or an
example of your choice:
• Astrolabe
• Revised maps

II. European technological developments in cartography and
navigation built on previous knowledge developed in the classical, Islamic, and Asian worlds, and included the production of new tools, innovations in ship designs, and an improved understanding of global wind and currents patterns — all of which made transoceanic travel and trade possible.

Teach one illustrative
example of innovations in
ship designs, either the one
below or an example of your
• Caravels

III. Remarkable new transoceanic maritime reconnaissance occurred in this period.
A. Official Chinese maritime activity expanded into the Indian Ocean region with the naval voyages led by Ming Admiral Zheng He, which enhanced Chinese prestige.
B. Portuguese development of a school for navigation led to increased travel to and trade with West Africa, and resulted in the construction of a global trading-post empire.
C. Spanish sponsorship of the first Columbian and subsequent voyages across the Atlantic and Pacific dramatically increased European interest in transoceanic travel and trade.
D. Northern Atlantic crossings for fishing and settlements continued and spurred European searches for multiple routes to Asia.

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Key Concept 4.1.I-III.


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