APUSH Ch. 2 Part III

Topics: Colonialism, Slavery, British Empire Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: September 14, 2014
Part 3
1. The English settlement’s primary purpose in Jamestown was to have independence and to settle in a new land. During the first 20 years, there were many difficulties. There was a large decrease in colonists due to lack of food while searching for gold. Diseases also killed the colonists because they didn’t have the immune system to keep them healthy.

2. The southern colonies were really big on exporting agricultural products. All of the southern colonies also founded slavery in them. The southern colonies all permitted religious tolerance. North Carolina didn’t like the land being held by certain individuals. Georgia was usually for those who were in debt.

3. Native Americans became very accustomed to being kicked out of their homeland and therefore adapted quickly to change. Horses being stolen also brought about migrations by the Native Americans.

4. The population grew quickly with a new labor force. A few formal “codes” and laws were introduced to the development of southern colonies so they were able to keep the slaves. African slavery was dominant in South Carolina due to a number of colonists who emigrated from Barbades bringing slavery with them.

5. The most important factor in shaping the development of the southern colonies would be slavery. Without the use of slavery there wouldn’t have been enough laborers to be put into growing crops. They would have continued growing the crops without the use of slaves but it would have taken much longer.

6. The English empires motive for starting a colonial empire was the fast growing population and the need for territory. Other motives were unemployment, a thirst for adventure, markets, and religious freedom. The Spanish had motives of gold, religion, and acclaim. The economic foundations of the British colonial empire were primarily agricultural. The colonies focused on cash crops, mainly tobacco. In the Spanish colonial empire, trading posts were set up. Both the British with the...
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