Article Review

Topics: Educational psychology, Education, High school Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Running Head: ARTICLE REVIEW #1

Article Review #1
Merriann Hiett
Liberty University

Summary Review
After looking at various both theoretical and empirical data the author decided to focus on the importance of the relationship between teacher-student relationships for adolescence with high incidence (2007). The author wanted to focus on this because the relationships between elementary teachers and the students were in a good place after all elementary classrooms are smaller than middle and high. The relationships between student and teacher began to deteriorate more so when the student got to high school. The author of the article then found that there was a need for a supportive and positive relationship between student and teacher among high school especially in the lives of adolescents or teenagers that are classified as students with high-incidence disabilities. First let’s look at what the research determined. Second let’s look at how would it benefit or help education specifically for teachers dealing with students with disabilities and thirdly what role does Educational psychology play in the relationship among teacher-student especially adolescence classified as “high incidence disabilities”. Descriptive research played a huge part in what the research determined. By using both empirical and theoretical data the research determined that high incidence students are at a heightened risk of have problems socially, emotionally and mentally more so than normal students (2007). When a child goes through adolescence they want to be accepted and loved by their peers. Going through adolescence is tough enough on a normal child but when you add on learning disability adolescence becomes tougher. That is why it is so important for students with high incidence to have a positive student teacher relationship. These positive relationships are what help get them through adolescence. The research presented to us through this...

References: Murray, Christopher and Pianta, Robert C. (2007). The Importance of Teacher-Student
Relationships for Adolescents with High Incidence Disabilities. Theory Into Practice,
46(2), 105-112
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