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UCF Degree Programs
Biomedical Sciences - Preprofessional
Concentration (B.S.)

3. Core Requirements: Basic Level
Life Sciences: Basic
SLS 2311C Overview of Select Medical Careers

College of Medicine
Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences
Department of Molecular and Microbiology,
Health and Public Affairs II, Room: 335
Dr. P.E. Kolattukudy, Chair
Phone: 407-823-5932
Students seeking admission to professional schools (medical, dental, optometry, veterinary, podiatry, and pharmacy) will meet all the admission requirements for those programs while obtaining a Molecular Biology and Microbiology degree.

Admission Requirements
Degree Requirements
Students who change degree programs and select this
major must adopt the most current catalog.
Students should complete the General Education
Program before transferring within the Florida Public
University/Community College System.
Grades below “C-” in Common Program Prerequisites, Core Requirements and Restricted Electives will not be
Students should consult with a Departmental advisor
and the Pre-health Advisement Office in HPA I 124.
1. UCF General Education Program (GEP)
(36 hrs)
Note: Certain courses must be selected in GEP for this major, bringing the total GEP hours to more than 36.
A: Communication Foundations
(9 hrs)
ENC 1101 Composition I
3 hrs
ENC 1102 Composition II
3 hrs
Prefer SPC 1603
Fundamentals of Technical
3 hrs
B: Cultural & Historical Foundations
C: Mathematical Foundations
Select 1:
CGS 1060C Introduction to Computer
Science or
STA 2023
Statistical Methods I

(9 hrs)
(6 hrs)
3 hrs
3 hrs

D: Social Foundations
E: Science Foundations
BSC 2010C Biology I
CHM 2045C Chemistry Fundamentals I

(6 hrs)

3 hrs

4 hrs
4 hrs

2. Common Program Prerequisites (CPP)
(16 hrs)
See “Common Prerequisites” in the Transfer and
Transitions Services section for more information.
BSC 2010C Biology I
1 BSC 2011C Biology II
4 hrs
Chemistry Fundamentals I
CHM 2046
Chemistry Fundamentals II
3 hrs
CHM 2046L Chemistry Fundamentals Laboratory
1 hr
MAC 2311C Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
Select one of the following sequences of courses:
PHY 2053C
PHY 2054C
PHY 2048C
PHY 2049C

College Physics I and
College Physics II

4 hrs
4 hrs

Physics for Engineers & Scientists I and
Physics for Engineers and Scientists II

4 hrs
4 hrs

See Transfer Notes for possible substitutions

(10 hrs)
2 hrs

Math, Statistics, Computers
Select 1:
MAC 2311C Calculus with Analytic Geometry I or
MAC 2253
Applied Calculus

4 hrs

Select 1:
STA 2023
CGS 1060C

Statistical Methods I or
Introduction to Computer Science

3 hrs

Take all of the following:
CHM 2210
Organic Chemistry I and
CHM 2211
Organic Chemistry II and
CHM 2211L Organic Laboratory Techniques I

8 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
2 hrs

4. Core Requirements: Advanced Level
Life Sciences: Advanced
MCB 3020C General Microbiology
MCB 4414
Microbial Metabolism
PCB 4280
Molecular Immunology
PCB 3233L Immunology Laboratory
PCB 3522
Molecular Biology I
PCB 4524
Molecular Biology II
BSC 3403C Quantitative Biological Methods
BCH 4053

Biochemistry I

(25 hrs)
5 hrs
3 hrs
3 hrs
1 hr
3 hrs
3 hrs
4 hrs
3 hrs

5. Restricted Electives
7 courses minimum
Seven courses from below, from which no more
than two may be taken outside the Molecular Biology
and Microbiology Department and at least two must be a
laboratory course. No more than two may be MLS courses.
Enrollment in some MLS courses is restricted. Check with
advisor before enrolling. Only three hours of Honors thesis
will count towards restrictive elective requirement.
Students in the preprofessional concentration of
the Molecular...
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