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1.Non verbal behavior in movies

Non verbal behavior and communication is often used in movies as a subtle way of conveying something both to other characters in the movie, and to the audience.

It is vital, therefore that the audience can understand the implication behind the gesture or look.

It also stands to reason that movies will use the culture of their audience so that full understanding and pleasure will be got.

This means that watching a movie that is based on a culture other than our own, we can watch the non verbal communication that is going on between the actors and see how the characters respond to it.

This will be able to give us a better understanding of what is important to other cultures; what they value and what their responses are likely to be in a given situation.

Section B

Barry and Communication Barriers

1. Communication challenges abound at any workplace. Barry has some common challenges in his operation.

a. Language barriers: not all employees speak English as their first language making verbal communication a challenge at times.

b. Generational (age) barriers: having employees in various age categories can pose a unique set of challenges. While the younger generation is used to texting and using shortened messaging, their vocabulary may not be consistent with that of older

employees. Work values and attitudes may also affect communication between younger and older employees.

c. Cultural and ethnic barriers: Cultural differences in food safety practices may be a challenge for Barry to overcome.

d. Non verbal challenges: Barry's body language (appearance) is telling others he does not care about personal appearance and cleanliness.

e. Emotional barriers: Emotional barriers can interfere with effective communication.

Barry comes into work after a rough start at home. These negative emotions are affecting how...
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