Chemistry Lab Report

Topics: Periodic table, Chemical element, Germanium Pages: 3 (476 words) Published: February 3, 2014
Lab Report Marisa McKinney P. 2
Purpose: To investigate the periodic variation of density in Group 4A elements. Background: When the elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number, they exhibit periodic recurrence of properties. Elements in the same group in the periodic table tend to have similar physical and chemical properties. These similarities are due, in large part, to similarities among the electron configurations of the elements in a group. You can find periodic trends in certain properties, such as density, among the elements within a given group. In this experiment, you will investigate the variation in density among three Group 4A elements. You will use your results to predict the density of another Group 4A element. Pre Lab Questions:

1. How are elements arranged in a periodic table?- Atomic number 2. What are the vertical columns in the periodic table called?- Periods 3. What determines whether two elements will have similar chemical properties? If they are in the same group 4. What property will you measure in this experiment?- Density 5. Describe how you will determine the volume of an irregularly shaped solid.- In a liquid 6. Describe how you will calculate density.- Mass/volume

7. In what periods can you find Pb, Sn, Si, and Ge?- Period 3 Materials:

Safety goggles
100 ml graduated cylinder
Centigram balance

1. Determine the mass of the samples to the nearest 0.01 gram. Record. 2. Fill a 100 ml graduated cylinder about three quarters full with water. Measure the volume, and record as “volume of water alone” in the data table. Tilt the cylinder and carefully slide one of the samples down the side. Make sure the sample is completely submerged in the water. Measure the volume and record as “volume of water + sample” in the data table....
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