Chemistry Laboratory Hand Book

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The following safety rules must be observed while performing any of the scheduled laboratory experiments in one of the Chemistry Laboratories. Students who are found in violation of the safety rules will be given a warning for the first offense, will be dismissed from the lab room for the second offense, and will be withdrawn from the class (lab as well as lecture) for the third offense. If a violation is observed at a particular lab table (such as spilled liquid - water or hydrochloric acid etc), and those working at that lab table deny responsibility, all students working at that table will be considered to be in violation of the safety rules. Please sign the accompanying sheet (Safety Certification) after you have read through the safety rules and regulations. Please ask your instructor if any of the items need clarification. GENERAL RULES FOR LAB SAFETY

1.       SAFETY FIRST - USE COMMON SENSE to avoid accidents. 2.       No student is allowed to work in a laboratory unless Lab Supervisory Personnel (Assistant) are present. DO NOT ENTER LABORATORY unless your assistant is present in the lab. 3.       Any student who endangers others' safety, or his or her own, will be dismissed from the laboratory. 4.       All students must WEAR SAFETY GLASSES (GOGGLES) AT ALL TIMES. Normal prescription lenses are accepted! Violations will not be tolerated and repeated violation will result in failure of the lab and the course. 5.       Shoes (no sandals) must be worn at all times. Bare feet or open shoes (front or back) are not permitted in the laboratory. 6.       All students must wear lab coats at all times. 7.       No eating, drinking, or smoking is permitted in the laboratory. 8.       Only authorized experiments may be performed. Equipment should be performed only for its intended purpose. 9.       No chemicals or equipment may be removed from the laboratory. 10.   Do not invite anyone into the lab.

11.   Any student who is pregnant should not perform laboratory experiments. Accommodation will be made if necessary to meet departmental requirements. 12.   If you are or a student near you injured or if any type of accident or fire occurs, IMMEDIATELY call your assistant for assistance. 13.   The working space should be as uncluttered as possible to allow work space and avoid accidents. Also, keep the aisles clear to prevent tripping over your gear. Place jackets, coats, book bags, pocketbooks, etc. at/on the designated area. Ask your assistant for help if needed. 14.   Keep your work space clean and tidy. The working space, desk drawers, cabinets, instruments must be kept neat and clean at all times. 15.   When lab work is completed, all materials must be returned to their proper places and used benches, instruments and glassware must be cleaned up. 16.   Any student who has, or who develops a medical condition (epilepsy, asthma, allergies, diabetes, etc.) should immediately notify the lab instructor. 17.   When a fire alarm should occur, place the chemical and equipment safely to the nearest possible table/bench, exit the building calmly and go to the designated area outside. The instructor/technician should be the last one to leave the room, and should close and lock the door. Remain together as a class. The instructor will check to be certain that all students have exited the building. Do not wonder away and stay together. When the "all clear" signal is received, return to the classroom.

18.   Only pure water can go down the sink.
19.   Follow the instruction of waste disposals. Never discard chemicals through the sink or to a regular trash. 20.   Only discard the proper waste that is identified by the label on the waste container/collector. 21.   Never mix the waste. Mixing may result in explosions and serious injuries. 22.   Never overfill a waste container. If it is full, request a new one from your lab instructor. 23.   Laboratory specific wastes:

a.         Solid waste...
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