CO2520 Final Review

Topics: Systems theory, Communication, Sociology Pages: 8 (1287 words) Published: January 14, 2014
1) The study of communications in the early twentieth century solidified in to which two approaches?
(a) Culture shock and cooperative conflict style
(b) Rhetorical and behavioral
(c) Dichotomous and recursion
(d) Self-awareness and positive reinforcement
2) Beliefs that are so central to a cultural group that they are never questioned are known as:
(a) True believers
(b) Empowerment
(c) Self awareness
(d) Cultural values
3) Organizational communication exhibits two properties:
(a) Organization and structured
(b) Planning and execution
(c) Function and production
(d) Assertiveness and bluntness
4) The intent to harm is a defining element of:
(a) Striking
(b) Insulting
(c) Ignoring
(d) Bullying
5) What type of roles helps establish a group’s social atmosphere?
(a) Relational Roles
(b) Communication Roles
(c) Leadership Roles
(d) Expressive Roles

6) Ludwig von Bertalanffy advanced a theory of seeing organizations as systems embedded in larger systems. This is known as the? (a) Perfection Theory
(b) Globalization Theory
(c) Work Force Theory
(d) General Systems Theory
7) Conflict in the Middle East leads both to fears that oil production will suffer and to higher energy costs in the United States, and this is known as:
(a) Domination
(b) Mass Assimilation
(c) Globalization
(d) Global Marketing
8) Studying the intercultural communication is important to improve:
(a) Personal gain
(b) Employers trust
(c) Cultural respect
(d) Self awareness
9) John Oetzel found that which communication processes led to task effectiveness and member satisfaction in many small group situations?
(a) Equal Participation
(b) Respectful
(c) Cooperative conflict style
(D) all of the above
10) Supervisors can increase employee’s feelings of self-efficacy through:
(a) Promotions
(b) Empowerment
(c) Confidence
(d) Motivation

11) Exhaustion, cynicism, and ineffectiveness are all part of a workplace phenomenon called:
(a) Workforce retention
(b) Employee tolerance
(c) Burnt Out
(d) Lack of Cooperation
12) Formal education in the United States emphasizes:
(a) Dichotomous
(b) High paying jobs
(c) Capitalism
(d) Relational Roles
13) What is the trait theory?
(a) Successful recruiters are always needed
(b) Leaders are born
(c) Self-starters are always successful
(d) Motivational speakers are well educated
14) The process in which you and others begin to see you as an integral and accepted part of an organization is known as:
(a) Assimilation
(b) Asset
(c) Productive
(d) Manager
15) Familiarity with others, organizational acculturation, recognition, involvement, job competency, and role negotiation are all part of:
(a) Social network
(b) People person
(c) Talented recruiter
(d) Metamorphosis

16) Communications ethics is defined as:
(a) The standards of what is right and wrong, good or bad, moral and immoral.
(b) The practice of being fair, collective and responsive to one’s needs
(c) Talking to others with respect and using proper speech skills
(d) Not swearing or using vulgar language will on work site 17) What is quid pro quo?
(a) Using your brains to receive a promotion
(b) Monitoring your coworker’s habits to gain an advantage come panel reviews
(c) The request for sexual favors as a condition of getting or keeping a job or benefit
(d) Exercising your rights to table a board meeting if conditions are not to your liking 18) What percentage of employers monitors workers Web connections?
(a) 80%
(b) 92%
(c) 73%
(d) 76%
19) The two types of purposes for a speech include:
(a) General + Specific
(b) Focused + Consistent
(c) Topic + Subject
(d) Local + Long distance
20) When audience members entrust you with their time and attention, you are obligated to treat them with:
(a) Respect and Kindness
(b) Fairness and Concern
(c) Cooperation and alertness...
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