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Graphic Packages:
It is important to recall that the early graphics software performed creditably on production of simple bar graphs and funny little people made of squares. However, the modern day graphics software and hardware is so advanced such that it is sometimes difficult to tell if computer or trick photograph produced a picture. Computer graphics as often seen in advertisement, Logos, and sports broadcast on televisions are products of computer graphic applications. A commercial for a cold medicine shows tiny time pills spilling out of a capsule. Such cascading result was produced with computer graphics. Baseball fans see the baseball diamond spin and flip, zoom toward the viewers, or fade away to a tiny dot. Then, a single shot of first basemen thr throwing the baseball to second resolves into coloured squares. All these above mentioned advertisements are done with the aid of computer graphics software. FEATURES OF GRAPHICS SOFTWARE

A good number of graphics Software packages list options on menus. The choices include shapes (squares, circles, rectangles), line widths (also called brush widths), and colours. Textures can be added to parts of the picture. A portion of a drawing can be enlarged to add details and shrunk again. Figures can be repeated or overlapped, rotated or flipped. Software producers have even succeeded on packages that can help the user draw three-dimensional (3D) art with a personal computer. Some graphics software may require certain input and output devices. Perhaps light pen, mouse, joystick, or graphics tablet is needed to use the graphics package. Some graphics created in animated form can be stored on videotape. Some may be printed with plotters-the output devices with cooled pens that “draw” the design. Some other features that are common to nearly all types of graphics packages are two – and three –dimensional display, save, window, colour, animation etc. TWO-AND THREE-DIMENSIONAL DISPLAY: While some...
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