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Cross-Cultural Management|
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Analysis on Cross-Cultural Training by Organizations

Article 1 –
Simulation training methods to develop cultural awareness
This paper aims to review stimulation methods which are available for the training to develop cultural awareness for business people. The paper reviews the methods of training available and cites the advantages, disadvantages and examples of good practice. Paper found that development of cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity is of a fundamental importance for those working in international community. The methods described in this paper involve simulation exercises for use at various levels of business training. (Hurn, 2011) Article 2 –

Cross-cultural perspectives for quality training
This report focuses on the training methods opted by organizations to train employees according to different culture and suggest ways to improve the training quality by the analysis of needs within expatriates. It also suggests some countries where these training programs can be done and it matches the indicated needs with global business growth pattern. It also shows a report of survey of trainers and a review of global commerce which reveals a high mismatch between countries identified and emerging global markets. It also cites a strong need for reformulating cross-cultural training strategies and processes. (Grahn and Swenson, 2000)

Article 3 –
Enhancing Managerial Cross-cultural Awareness and Sensitivity: Transactional Analysis Revisited According to the study major problem faced by organizations in today’s world is how to prepare managers to operate effectively within different culture. Many organizations use cross-cultural management training for the managers. New approach has been introduced to enhance the training process. It’s a psychotherapeutic counseling method – Transactional Analysis. Present framework makes sure managers achieve an “adult ego state”. By using transactional analysis it will not only enhance sensitivity and awareness but also lead to greater usage and appreciation for cross-cultural training by organizations. (Park and Kline, 1993)

Article 4 –
Organizational training across cultures: variations in practices and attitudes Purpose of this paper is to provide synthesis based on review of the existing methods of training practices and attitudes across national cultures. To see the difference content analysis technique was adopted to compare cross-cultural training methods adopted by various nations. Study found that HRM/HRD practitioners should consider the complexity of diverse cultural difference while managing the training in culturally diverse settings. (Storti and Hassi, 2011)

Article 5 –
A Review of Cross-Cultural Training: Best Practices, Guidelines, and Research Needs The purpose of this study is to know the best practices of cross-cultural training in terms of what organizations are doing and what they should be doing. Study has also tries to investigate the following questions (a) why is CCT an important research domain, (b) what is the general purpose of CCT, (c) how is CCT designed and delivered, (d) which CCT strategies are organizations currently implementing, (e) what guidelines can be offered to organizations offering CCT and (f) what additional research is needed. The study tries to contribute to the existing cross-cultural training research by providing a condensed set of guidelines instructing organizations on the methods necessary for organizations to maximize their cross-cultural training. (Littrell and Salas, 2005)

Article 6 –
Pre-departure training for international business managers
The aim of this paper is to...

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