Culture and Communication

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 9 (2027 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Chapter 1 – Culture and Communication

The Importance of Learning about Culture
* Two importanat reasons for understanding culture are to learn how others make sense of their environment and the prevent mistakes and miscommunication 1. Make Sense of Our World
2. The works if Becoming Increaseingly Diverse
3. People around the world ARE different
* People from different cultures are different (as well as similar) in how they see the world. * Cultures are the products of human imagination
4. Preventing Mistakes
* Cultural mistakes can be unconscious or unintentional, but damaging nevertheless * Loss of business
* Failulars result cuz someone didn’t understand the reasons why people think as they do and value what they do 5. Responding to Different Cultures
* Members of different cultures find themselves facct to face - clash and struggle for dominance of one set of values over another * Conflict is not the only result
* Encounters with people from different cultures are not new, and neither are the various responses to differences 6. Hostility to Difference
* Far from wanting to become part of a dominant culture some immigrants reject it out of fear they willl lose their own culture 7. Curiosity about Difference
* Reason to learn about a culture, satisfy one’s curiosity, establish commections with people who think differently 8. Denying the Differences
* The productive way to respond to cultureal difference is not to deny it exists, but to learn about difference and how to communicate about it

Assumption of Superiority
* Backward nad primitive to criticize those whose cultures are different * All groups look at their own culture as superior and others as inferior

* Members of other cultures, are convinced their own culture is the normal one * Asses all other cultures by how closely they resemble their own * Self reference criterion – explains this behavior and experience * Ethnocentrism can lead to a complaceny about ones own culture, a lack of interest in understanding another culture, and actual discrimination against people of other cultures

Assumption of Universality
* People underneath are not alike
* Culture is the whole view of the universe from which peole assess the meaning of life and their appropriate response to it, and those views are not the same

Cooperating with Difference
* The principle of surviving in a multicultural wold is that one dies not need to think, feel, and act in the same way in order to agree on particular issues and to cooperate * Agree to be different and celebrate diversity

* What makes sense in our culture, and how to communicate effectively with them * Minimize and prevent mistakes across culture
* Motivation – the drive to know and to use the knowledge * Implementing knowledge, and behaving in a way that makes sense in the other culture – you want to do buz

Understanding Culture
* Culture is those deep, unstated experiences which they communicate without knowing, and which form the backdrop against which all other evens are judged * Culture is the coherent, learned, shared view of a group of people about life’s concerns, expressed in symbols and activities, that ranks what is important, furnished attitude about what things are appropriate, and dictates behavior.

Culture is Coherent
* Coherent and complete within itself – an entire view of the universe

Culture is Learned
* Learned about ones’ own culture is stored in mental categories that are recalled only when they are challenged by something different – taught our culture

Culture is the View of a Group of People
* Shared by a society
* Agree about the meaning of things and about the ich are dynamic foree enabling them to achieve goals * validate their own cultures view
* Interpreted life ecperiences in ways that
* Agree about what the...
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