Cummunity and Culture (Notes)

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Sociology Pages: 5 (986 words) Published: February 11, 2013
* “Differences in communication have given rise to differences in language, in thinking, in systems of belief and culture generally. These differences have made hostility among societies endemic and seemingly eternal.” Isaac Asimov * What happens in one part of the world touches all parts of the world Intercultural Communication Present and Future

Independent economic, technological, political, and social relationships – globally * Globalization
Negative or positive?
The common theme is connectedness
Actions or processes that involve the entire world and result in something worldwide in scope. * World trade and international business
* The ability to move products, equipment, people, information and securities around the world with little concern for national or international borders. * How will the economy be managed and controlled?

* Do we need new organizations to set up better international standards of conduct? * Technology and travel
* Technology has expanded the ability of people throughout the world to connect with each other * Increasing competition for natural resources
* We need to consume more resources to sustain this economic growth * Particularly harmful to third-world nations
* Rising prices and food scarcities
* Global competition for food – especially fish
* International conflict and security
* The world is more dangerous than it used to be
* We need better intercultural communication skills so that we can meet each other’s needs * Environmental challenges
* Global warming
* Increased desertification
* Water shortage
* Need communication skills to help resolve all these problems * World health issues
* Interconnectedness influences health care concerns – think about how quickly AIDS traveled around the world * Shifting populations – increasing demographic changes * Immigration
* Population is increasing
* Driving growth in the U.S. instead of birth
* The aging U.S. population
* Will this shift cultural views?
* Multicultural society
* Is there an emergent global culture?
* Intercultural communication – interaction between people whose cultural perceptions and symbol systems are distinct enough to alter the communication taking place. * Dominant culture
* The group in power (in terms of control)
* The election of Obama may be a signal of the diffusion of power historically held by white males (in the U.S.) * Co-cultures
* Other cultures that exist in the presence of the dominant culture * Can be based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, etc.
* Communication is at the heart of all human contact and it has the power to create and destroy. * Functions of communication:
* Gather information about others – essential in dealing with strangers * Fulfill interpersonal needs – we are social creatures * Establish personal identities -
* Influence others – shape others to behave the way we want * Communication is a dynamic process in which people attempt to share their internal states with other people through the use of symbols. * Principles of communication:

* It is a dynamic process – it is never ending
* It is symbolic – an expression that represents something else * Communication is symbolic because there is not direct mind-to-mind communication between people. * It is contextual – the way we communicate depends on our culture, environment, occasion, time, the number of people we are with or addressing * We must learn how to communicate effectively in different situations * It is self-reflective

* It teaches us to communicate – some things we learn consciously some things we learn without thinking about it at all * It has consequences – All of our messages do something to...
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