Educational Psychology

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Educational psychology Pages: 6 (2082 words) Published: May 27, 2012
PSY.242 Educational Psychology Test #3 Questions Only Study Guide

1) Being interested in a task because the activity is enjoyable is what type of motivation? 2) On Sunday afternoon, Rick spent a couple of hours picking up discarded bottles and cans from a picturesque section of the wildlife refuge, even though he knew he would not get paid anything for his efforts. Rick's motivation is best described as being 3) A student's reason for acting is called

4) Ms. Riley tells the class, "If we have a good lesson on fractions, I will credit each of you with a bonus point." She is trying to stimulate what type of motivation? 5) Externally imposed reward systems seem particularly appropriate for students who are 6) Each situation below represents a need in Maslow's hierarchy. Which of the following students demonstrates the most basic need that must be satisfied before any other? 7) In most humanistic theories, motivation is based on

8) The concept of self-determination is an important influence in what view of motivation? 9) According to behavioral theory of motivation, students are motivated primarily by a(n) 10) Doug's family is very poor, so he often goes to school with no breakfast and a very small lunch packet. According to Maslow, Doug is failing his classes because what type of needs are not being met? 11) Jeremy's interest in history has been decreasing lately. According to Maslow's theory, what should the teacher do? 12) Students with performance goals as opposed to learning goals are concerned primarily with 13) Harry is apathetic and certain that he is not able to do the work. He makes poor marks in school and is not inclined to seek help. According to attribution theory, Harry is typical of students who attribute their failures to causes that are 14) In expectancy x value theory, the two sources of motivation are 15) Maslow's hierarchy of needs has been criticized because

16) Pride or shame for one's own actions is likely to be felt most strongly by those who attribute their actions to 17) Maria spent many hours trying to complete her geometry proofs. A cognitive interpretation of Maria's motivation is that Maria 18) According to attribution theory, students who see the causes of their failures as internal and controllable will react to those failures by 19) Fred has wanted to be a chef since he was a little kid, and he used to bake cookies with his mother. The behavioral view expert would say that Fred is motivated to be a chef because 20) Dennis often cons his best friends into letting him use one of their papers from last semester for his assignment in psychology this semester. In terms of goals, what type of learner does Dennis appear to be? 21) As Jim looks at his report card, he remarks to Judy, "I got that B because I really didn't work hard in Mr. Wedell's calculus class." According to Weiner, Jim is attributing the cause of his grade to causes that are 22) As reported by Woolfolk, the debilitating effects of anxiety are viewed to be due to 23) Which one of the following quotes exemplifies a learning or mastery goal? 24) From the pioneering work of Yerkes and Dodson (1905) to present-day research results, what is the correlation between virtually every aspect of achievement and a wide variety of anxiety measures? 25) Whenever Matt appears to be having difficulty in completing his science laboratory work, Ms. Butterfield quickly offers to help him and encourages him to continue working. According to Graham (1991), Ms. Butterfield's behavior is likely to result in Matt developing

26) Which one of the following statements is the most accurate definition of motivation? 27) Cindy faces every classroom situation in exactly the same way: she develops sweaty palms and a rapid heart beat. Cindy is likely to be helped most by 28) Students who demonstrate "learned helplessness" are likely to 29) Students who are mastery-oriented will tend to...
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