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Topics: Psychology, Behaviorism, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: April 9, 2014
Course Name: Introduction to Education
Instructor Name: Assist. Prof. DR. A. Gülşah SARANLI
Name and Surname: Semanur UYAN
ID Number:48724862900
Reflection Number-7
As a student of faculty of education, I have to know how students learn and what is the process of learning. In this article, I will mention about learning and some researches about learning. Learning means permanent changes in our behavior or knowledge. If you learn something, you should imply into your life things that are learned, I mean is that learned things must be occurred by experience. However, while some psychologists argue that learning cannot be observed directly, others believe that results of learned things reflect the person’s behavior. According to psychologists who argue that learning is observable found a theory called Behavioural Learning Theories which are include classical conditioning, contiguity, and operant contiguity. Aristotle, as we know, defined the learning as contiguous. Contiguous means that two or more sensations appear together. Ivan Pavlov made a famous experience while using a dog about contiguity called classical conditioning. In this experience, firstly, a bell rings; Pavlov’s dog does not react. Then, when the meat is given to the dog, at the same time the bell rings. After a while, Pavlov’s dog react when hear the sound of the bell even meat is not given. As far as I can see that the result of this experience can be thought as the same in the education. For example, when students hear the sound of the bell in the school, they know that the teacher come to the classroom and the lesson will start. We can encounter the examples of this experience in every part of our life. Classical conditioning based on involuntary behaviour. On the other hand, there is another founding based on voluntary behaviors called operant conditioning. In this experience, subjects’ react is voluntary. Thorndike and Skinner’s works are really important and...
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