Equiano Study Guide

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Igbo people Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: July 21, 2013
1.Early Life & Enslavement
i.Came from “Eboe” – Igbo Region
ii.Father had honorific title
iii.Warfare transforming village
iv.Oye-Eboe – “red men from afar”
v.Kidnapped with sister by three Africans
vi.Exchanged between African masters for several months until he reached the coast where he was sold to Europeans in the Americas 2.Middle Passage
i.Describes the terrible conditions of the journey to the Americas and how Equiano survived it while others died or committed suicide 3.Slave Experience in the Americas and Europe
i.Barbados plantation  Virginia Plantation (Mr. Campbell)  British Navy (Pascal & Miss Guerins)  Commercial ships in the Atlantic World (Captain James Doran  Mr. Robert King, Captain Farmer) ii.Was given an alternate name by Pascal – Gustavus Vassa; used publicly until he wrote his narrative iii.Writes about being sold to Captain Doran after seven years with Pascal stating inhumanity due to his past years of serving as a slave. iv.Writes about having a skilled position as gauger under Captain Farmer’s supervision on Mr. King’s merchant ships running between the US and Caribbean. He accumulated wealth with the goal of purchasing his freedom as Mr. King promised. v.Equiano’s manumission – took the money he saved to purchase freedom but King was reluctant, however accepted the money in the end. 4.Freedom and Political Activism

i.Initial activities include: 1. Captain Phillips’ merchant ships, 2. Hairdresser in England; assistant to Dr. Irving, 3. Traveled in Mediterranean and Arctic Regions ii.Political Activism include: 1. Suing his friend, Annis’s former master in Britain for re-kidnapping (Won the suit but Annis already taken to Caribbean), 2. Became active in abolitionist circles 3. Wrote Narrative 4. Married and had children 2.Historical Information Regarding Narrative

1.“Olaudah Equiano” first used w/appearance of narrative i.People did not focus on the fact that he may have a different name....
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