Grade 9 Acadeic Science Study Notes (Chemistry)

Topics: Atom, Chemistry, Chemical element Pages: 4 (1021 words) Published: September 20, 2014
Matter: anything that has mass and takes up space

Particle Theory: the scientific statements that summarize about particles of matter 1. All matter is made up of particles that contain spaces between each particle 2. Different substances are made up of different types of particles 3. Particles are always in constant motion

4. The movement of particles will increase if temperature rises 5. Particles are attracted to each other
Pure substance: a substance that consists of only 1 type of particle Mixture: a substance that consists of 2 or more types of particles Mechanical/heterogeneous mixture: a mixture that is easily distinguished of 2 or more different types of matter Solution/homogenous mixture: a mixture that isn’t easily visually distinguishable Alloy: a solution that is made up of 2 or more types of metals and comes in solid form Metallurgy: purification of metals and the making of alloys


Physical property: a characteristic or attribute of a substance that can be determined without changing the composition of the substance Qualitative property: properties that exclude numerical data or measurements Quantitative property: properties that consist of numerical data or measurements

Physical change: a change in which the composition of the substance does not alter and no new substances are produced Chemical property: a characteristic or attribute of a substance that is determined based on its ability to undergo changes to its composition to produce 1 or more substances Chemical Property

New unexpected colour produced
New unexpected odour produced
Bubbles appear not caused by heating
A new solid is formed when substance does not dissolve in mixture Temperature/Light
Energy is released or absorbed and detected as a change in temperature or light

Characteristic physical properties: a physical property that describes a certain substance

Density: mass per unit...
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