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HDFS 2300: Family Interaction Processes Study Guide Exam II Communication and Conflict (Lecture; A & S Ch. 9; Day Ch. 10; Tannen Book; Breakup excerpt) • Define communication - why is it important to focus upon the "shared meanings" aspect of the communication process? -Communication: a symbolic, transactional process that involves creating and sharing meanings through consistent patterns of interaction -Shared meanings are important because

-The quality of our communication is dependent on our shared meanings
-Poor shared meanings leads to less effective communication
-The more confusion the less easy it is to communicate
• Know bolded terms from A & S Ch. 9
-Confirmation: a type of communication feedback that conveys the message to a partner that he or she is valued -Conversational style: the unique ways in which individuals shape and frame messages when interacting with others

-Framing: the meaning attributed to the metamessages that accompany a literal message -Nonverbal symbols: gestures and behaviors that accompany interaction that have symbolic value attributed to them

-Private message system: a system of rules for communication within an intimate relationship
-Self-esteem: the level of positive feelings individuals have toward themselves -Situational adaptability: the ability of individuals to adapt their manner of communication to various social situations -Transaction management: a part of the communication process that fosters intimacy and manages conflict; the ability to establish realistic communication strategies and rules for interaction, and to exercise the self-control needed to keep the communication flowing toward desired goals • What are three assumptions describing family communication?

-Is not random; there is a pattern
-Is transactional; all members participate
-Is impossible to not participate; you are never not communicating, ever • Define messages, digital messages, analogic messages (content level, relationship level), metamessages, framing, congruent message - why is it important to receive both the digital and analogic components of a message? -Messages: information exchanged when we communicate; units of information sent between the sender and receiver -Digital messages (Content Level): information and semantics; what you are saying -Analogic messages (Relationship Level): feelings, movement, expression; how you are saying it -Metamessages: message about the message

-Framing: how a message is heard, meaning attributed to the metamessage; subjective and personal -Congruent message: convey the same meaning
-Both are necessary to understand the message
• Be able to describe the two general categories of analogic message types. Also know the types of analogic messages (information on web overheads). Be able to give examples of these from the Breakup clip.

-Cooperative: security, trust, acceptance
-Conveys “You matter, you are valuable”
1. Affirmation and reward
-The receiver feels pleasing and rewarding
-The sender is happy/eager to be with this person
2. Building trust
-Disclosing emotions, seeking understanding, revealing parts of self, communicate trust and sharing Ex.
-Competitive: demands
-Conveys “I have to compete with you to me myself feel better by controlling you”
1. Creating distance
-Set boundaries and make clear little information is wanted from the other person -Ex.
2. Demanding Change
-A control technique with the intent to force others to change
3. Specification of ownership
-Declare you own what is being discussed, can be objects, emotions or people
4. Punishment
-Destructive, make clear you feel you have the right to punish the other if they do not the relationship will be jeopardized -Ex.
5. Seeking Validation
-Demand recognition or approval from family members
6. Surrendering and declaring martyrdom
-Manipulative strategy that defines relationship in terms of...
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