Hip Hop Culture

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Introduction to Hip Hop Culture
AFST 297 – Fall 2014
Instructor: Finnie Coleman
FLC-653 Introduction to Hip Hop Culture
AFST 297
Schedule: TU, TH 1230 - 1345
Location: Ortega Hall Room 106
Linked with – ENGL 101
Instructor: Robert Christensen Graduate Instructor
Schedule: TU, TH 1400 - 1515
Location: Humanities Building Room 216

Quiz #1
Historical Context for Hip Hop Culture

There is, of course, a warrantably comfortable feeling in being on the right side of the country’s professed ideals. We realize that we cannot be undone without America’s undoing. It is within the gamut of this attitude that the thinking Negro faces America, but the variations of mood in connection with it are if anything more significant than the attitude itself. Sometimes we have it taken with the defiant ironic challenge of _Mckay__________:

Mine is the future grinding down today
Like a great landslip moving to the sea,
Bearing its freight of debris far away
Where the green hungry waters restlessly
Heave mammoth pyramids and break and roar
Their eerie challenge to the crumbling shore.

Sometimes, perhaps more frequently as yet, in the fervent and almost filial appeal and counsel of _______Weldon Johnson’s_:

O Southland, dear Southland!
Then why do you still cling
To an idle age and a musty page,
To a dead and useless thing.

1. Who is the author of this piece? _____Alain Locke___

2. What publication is it from? _____Survey Graphic, Harlem: mecca of the new negro___

3. Who are the two poets mentioned? __Claude McKay was a writer and poet and a big part of the Harlem Renaissance.___Weldon Johnson was a writer and a civil rights activist He was the first African American professor at new york university.

4. What are the names of the poems? _____Enter the New Negro and_O Southland!_______________________________________

5. In two or three sentences, please summarize the author’s primary argument (s). The primary argument is that...
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