"How Dreams Lead to Success"

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"How Dreams Lead to Success"
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From various modes of transportation to the Mona Lisa, we see the success of other people's dreams. Things such as planes, cars, trains, books, buildings, and even graffiti were once only someone's day-dreams waiting to be brought to life. Even though they were thought of as unattainable goals by some, others had the persistence and diligence to see these dreams through until the end. Many of us only focus on the invention or work, for we fail to remember that it was once imagined. They were at one time only a figment of someone's imagination, but they turned them into a success.

Sam Walton is a great example of someone who made his dream into a success. He founded the Walmart store chain and the Sam's Club store chain. His goal was to sell merchandise that was of good quality at affordable prices. His hard work did not go unrewarded, for after he established the first store, it soon grew larger and larger. This only led him to aspire to improve his stores even more. He improved technologies and formats for the stores, like Sam's Club and Walmart Super-center, and it spread throughout the nation. He had the courage and dedication to have his dream and make it into a success.

Walt Disney is also a perfect example of someone turning his dreams into a success. He discovered his love of art at an early age,and earned a little money by selling his artwork to his neighbors. He went on to study art and photography in high school. He continued drawing even while he was in the Red Cross stationed in France, but rather than drawing on paper, he put it on his ambulance. Upon returning from France, Disney began to do commercial art. After the company he established went bankrupt, he pursued success in Hollywood, where one after another of his cartoons succeeded and won awards. Disney's cartoons were also appearing on television, and he was one of the first to bring color to his motion pictures. He then dreamed of opening a clean...
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