Implementing a More Developmental Plan

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Implementing a Professional Development Plan

Lifelong learning and professional development are important to productive professionals. Strategic professional development requires careful definition of goals and performance criteria, followed by action plans to achieve desired performance. This material will guide you in developing a professional development plan that produces performance improvements that are documented and impressive.

Process for Creating, Assessing, and Documenting Professional Growth

Step 1: [Year 1 only] Review/analyze your time usage
Step 2: Write your performance criteria
Step 3: [Year 1 only] Assess last year’s performance
Step 4: Articulate key targeted accomplishments
Step 5: Identify key activities for coming year
Step 6: Allocate time for key activities and deadlines for milestones Step 7: Create a schedule of activities and milestones

Ongoing (Monthly)
Step 8: Assess time use
Step 9: Assess progress against your plan
Step 10: Update your plan

End of Year
Step 11: Assess achievements relative to performance criteria Step 12: Write annual performance assessment report

These steps are illustrated below and explained in the following pages.


Step 1: Review/Analyze Your Time Usage

Estimate the time (in hours) you use annually doing the following activities, categorized according to Boyer’s Model of Scholarship:


Step 2: Write Your Performance Criteria

Use the following guide to define five performance criteria (PC) for yourself in the coming year: three for areas of ongoing responsibility and two for selected areas of growth. First, make a general goal statement for the area, and identify 2-4 factors that reflect desired performance. Finally, craft a performance criterion that defines the performance you desire this year.

(Example) Area 1

General Goal Statement for Area: Classroom Teaching

Factors or Attributes of Importance: Focus on defined learning outcomes, engage students in learning, use assessment to aid learning

Performance Criterion: Increase student capabilities for professional engineering performance through definition of high-level professional learning outcomes, producing a supportive learning environment, and using assessment to facilitate and ensure achievement and growth.

Area #1:
Performance Criterion #1:

Area #2:
Performance Criterion #2:

Area #3:
Performance Criterion #3:

Area #4:
Performance Criterion #4:

Area #5:
Performance Criterion #5:

Step 3: Assess Last Year’s Performance

Assess your performance in the past year to stimulate thought for planning your future. For your new performance criteria, identify strengths in past performance and elements needing improvement. Also identify more general learning from the past year.

Performance Strengths in Each Area

Example (Area 1): I created classroom activities that engaged students in learning of specific professional-level skills matching course learning outcomes. Peer and instructor feedback gave students greater understanding of outcomes and caused them to take greater responsibility for learning. This produced noticeable improvements in professional skills over previous years.

Strength #1:

Strength #2:

Strength #3:

Strength #4:

Strength #5:

Needed Improvements in Each Performance Area

Example (Area 1): Ten course outcomes were too many to manage in one course. I need to synthesize 4 to 6 higher level integrated outcomes for my capstone design course. That will simplify the assessment process and better fit the students’ and my abilities to maintain focus.

Improvement #1:

Improvement #2:

Improvement #3:

Improvement #4:

Improvement #5:

Insights from Analysis of Last Year’s Performance

Example: Clearly-defined challenging...
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