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Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Management Pages: 6 (918 words) Published: September 22, 2013
Class 11: Chapter 4

"In all of your endeavors, you have opportunities to be a powerful and positive influence on the lives of other people. But first, you must care enough to understand them and become familiar with their personal interests and expectations for life."

The Key and Importance of Culture; Nature of Culture and Effects on International Management Leadership; Research Studies of Cultural Dimensions; and Culture Management Leadership: The Globe Project

The Key and why is the Issue of Culture Important?
• be flexible and positive
• make a difference in the lives of employees and customers

Nature of Culture and Effects on Management Leadership
• What is Culture? It is acquired knowledge that people use to interpret experience and generate a set of social behavior. • Characteristics:
• Learned
• Shared
• Trans-generational
• Symbolic
• Patterned
• Adaptive
• Effects on Management Leadership
• Central vs Non-Central Decision Making
• High vs Low Context Negotiations
• Safety vs Risk
• Time Sensitive Orientation
• Informal vs Formal Dress
• Informal vs Formal Procedures
• Value Differences and Similarities Across Cultures
• High vs Low Organizational Loyalty
• Cooperation vs Competition
• Short-term vs Long-term Outlook
• Individual vs. Group Rewards
• Stability vs Innovative Perspective
• Cultural vs Cross-Culture Biases

Research Studies of Cultural Dimensions
• Hofstede's:
• Power Distance:
• Uncertainty Avoidance
• Individualism
• Masculinity
• Trompenaars':
• Universalism vs Particularism:
• Individualism vs Communitarianism (Collectivism)
• Neutral vs Emotional
• Specific vs Diffuse Space
• Achievement vs. Ascription
• Time-Base Activities: Sequential vs Synchronous
• The Environment

Culture and Management Leadership: The Globe Project---Nine Determinant Cultural Dimensions: • Uncertainty Avoidance
• Power Distance
• Collectivism I (Group-Oriented)
• Collectivism II (Individual-Oriented)
• Gender Egalitarianism
• Assertiveness
• Future Orientation
• Performance Orientation
• Humane Orientation

Why are these topics important?

Class 12: Chapter 5

"The success you as a managerial leader attract into your life, and the life of your organization, will depend significantly upon the positive nature of your attitudes, thoughts, and feelings"

Management Leadership Across Cultures; Cross-Cultural Differences and Similarities; Building a Culturally-Focused Organization; and Success in Management Leadership Across Cultures

Strategic Management Across Cultures
• Predispositions:
• Ethnocentric:
• Polycentric:
• Regiocentric:
• Geocentric:

• Globalization Imperative: Worldwide Approach by many MNCs

Cross-Cultural Differences and Similarities
• Parochialism and Simplification
• Similarities and Differences across Cultures
• Examples of Differences in Selected Countries and Regions • China
• Russia
• India
• France
• Brazil
• Japan
• Arab Countries
• Nordic Countries

Building a Culturally-Focused Organization
1. Set sights on the right targets
2. Treat customers the way they expect
3. Treat your people as valuable resources
4. Have the right kind of managerial leadership assistance as coaches to direct this process

Rules for Success in Managing Across Cultures
• Keep in mind that successful management must also include successful leadership • Be sensitive for was to enhance management leadership perspectives and values • Remember the freedom of choice, and the most important choice being your thoughts • Be guided by a consistent set of values and operational principles • Don't be overcome by cultural issues, and allow time to relax and reaffirm • be disciplined and organized in...
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