International Human Relations

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International Human Relations BHO3475

Year 2013 Semester 2 Prepared by Robert Mason

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UNIT OF STUDY GUIDE College of Business YEAR UNIT TITLE UNIT CODE PRE-REQUISITES CREDIT POINTS MODE OF DELIVERY UNIT COORDINATOR UNIT LECTURER & TUTOR NAME EMAIL NAME EMAIL 2013 SEMESTER 2 International Human Relations BHO3475 Nil 12 On-campus (FP) Robert Mason Emma Hall & Veronika Viera-Belicka LECTURE TIME & LOCATION Thursday C203 DESCRIPTOR The purpose of this unit is to acquire a comprehensive knowledge about interpersonal communication, self-awareness and reflection; and to develop, practice and apply skills in these areas. LEARNING OUTCOMES On successful completion of this unit, students should be able to: 1. Critically evaluate the conceptual framework for understanding interactions between people; 2. Demonstrate mastery of the generic interpersonal skills necessary for building and maintaining effective working and interpersonal relationships; 3. Demonstrate a capacity for deep and critical personal reflection; and 4. Understand the theoretical and practical applications of cross-cultural interactions and communication UNIT CONTENT This unit is an applied skills-oriented course but in order to develop these skills students will be required to critically evaluate relevant theories and research findings. Some of the topics covered relate to the development of effective listening skills, managing verbal and non-verbal communication in face-to-face situations, intercultural communication, resolving conflict, effective leadership, teamwork and problem solving. Page 2 of 15 17:00 – 19:00

LEARNING IN THE WORK PLACE 0% of the assessment in this Unit of Study will relate to learning in the workplace. TEACHING & LEARNING STRATEGIES This unit will normally be delivered as two hours of lectures and one hour of tutorials or workshops. Participants will be invited to become actively involved in a range of learning situations. Session will set specific objectives and use learning methods designed to allow students to learn about themselves and to improve their interpersonal skills. More intensive and relatively unstructured sessions will allow important individual and group behaviour to emerge naturally and spontaneously. GRADUATE CAPABILITIES Victoria University’ Graduate Capabilities are generic skills that all students should possess at graduation. These skills are in addition to the specific knowledge and skills associated with the discipline area of students’ degrees. Graduate Capabilities are divided into five levels (for undergraduates) and will be achieved progressively with increasing levels of sophistication. A full description of the Graduate Capabilities can be found in the VU Graduate Capabilities policy pages 7-8. This unit of study contributes to development of these Graduate Capabilities in a number of ways, with emphasis on Career Development and Social and Cultural Diversity. Table 1 offers examples of how the teaching and learning activity(ies) in this unit and the assessment tasks correspond to each Graduate Capability. The shaded boxes are capabilities on which this unit of study particularly focuses.

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Table 1: Unit of Study Graduate Capabilities Graduate Capability Level Description of Graduate Capability* T & L Activity and Assessment Core communication skills (Wk2 through 6) Expressing feelings nonverbally (Wk6) Lecture and tutorial activities (Wk2 through 6) Group presentations Problem Solving 4 Identify and solve a broad range of complex problems, drawing on in-depth knowledge, understanding, reflection and evaluation. Lecture and tutorial activities (Wk11) Attitudes and managing emotions (Wk8 and 9) Demonstrate significant knowledge and understanding of own learning in relation to work and career choices and requirements; develop, reflect on and evaluate a broad range of sophisticated strategies for...
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