international relations

Topics: Africa, African Union, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: October 16, 2013
1.Role within the region and that within the globe
Seeing that Africa is the region which is the state within the region which is one of the most developments. South Africa and Nigeria are two contenders in this domain as South Africa is seen as the gateway into Africa and Nigeria’s economy is rapidly improving. States within the region should unite and formulate a dialect of how they wish to be perceived in the broader international relations. African countries should assist their economies by trading with one another. The liberal view would see that if South Africa assists its neighbouring countries profit from international deals made, then the logical results will be that their economies improve and their citizens leave South Africa, opening the job market in the country thus solving the unemployment statistics. 2.Foreign Investment Attraction

African states in the competition to better their economies they seek foreign business to investment in their region and bring their business which will bring money into the country. They compete to be a site that is the best to start your business in and where you stand a higher chance on earning returns on your investment. 3.Economic Market

The competition of having the best economy in Africa may be the one of those most competed. African states wish to strengthen their economies, there’s a better chance of your state prospering in other sectors. It is also the reason why there are many of other competition between states. 4.Site of Development

Most African states are looking to develop regionally. Such like infrastructure, hospitals and the education system. An improvement in this will yield positive ‘nock-on’ results within the country as well as within the African region as a...
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