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Topics: Meaning of life, Chemistry, Microsoft PowerPoint Pages: 8 (676 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Form : 4 Arif 1
Time : 10.40 – 11.20 am.
No. of students : 25 students
Theme : Introducing Chemistry
Learning Area : 1 Introduction To Chemistry
Learning Objectives : Understanding chemistry and its important

Learning Outcomes : Student is able to:
• Explain the meaning of chemistry
• List some common chemicals used in daily life • State the uses of common chemicals in daily life Prior Knowledge: Student knows
• The meaning of composition, properties and matter. • Common name of chemicals.
• Uses the chemical product in their daily life. Objectives: At the end of lesson, students should be able to: I) Content Knowledge
• List 2 or more examples chemicals and the uses of it. II) Scientific Process Skill
• Defining operationally of chemicals.
• Classification of the uses for different chemicals. III) Scientific Attitudes and Nobles Value • Realize that the development of science knowledge is important in our life and appreciate for science and technology. • Being cooperative with members of group. • Daring to try answering questions.

• Being confident and independent.
Resources: PowerPoint presentation, powder of ENO, water, Ajinomoto, medicine, salt, mind maps.

|Phase (Time) |Content |Teaching and Learning Activity |Remarks | |Engaging |Attract Attention |Teacher wishes “salam” and good afternoon to the class. | | |Introduction | |Teacher ask someone to recite the “doa” | | |(5 minutes) | | | | | |Create Motivation |Teacher tell student to put aside other book. | | | |[pic] |Teacher shows a glass of water and a packet of ENO. |Equipment | | | |Teacher asks student about what the uses of ENO. |- Powder of ENO | | | | |- A glass of water. | | |Making connection/ Prior knowledge |Teacher pours the powder of ENO into the water. | | | | |Teacher ask students what happened when the powder mix with water. | | | | |Teacher tells student that the mixture of ENO and water can neutralize acid in our stomach. So that | | | |...
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