Love Cum Arranged Marriage

Topics: Arranged marriage, Marriage, Love Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: August 1, 2013
Chetan Bhagat, a well-known Indian Author and columnist is the author of this novel 2 STATES – The Story of My Marriage. He has written a beautiful tale about an inter-caste love cum arranged marriage of two students from different states and different caste of India who meet at famous institute IIM, Ahmedabad. I am here writing about love cum arranged marriage. This is aperfect topic for me as I believe in love cum arranged marriage. I want to marry my girlfriend but as most of the Indians this relationship must be approved by both of our family. This novel represents the same idea as I do not believe in the system of arranged marriage. When people fall in love, they don’t care what state their partner is from. They just follow their heart. In love marriages you know each other’s habits, likes, dislikes before getting married whereas in most of arranged marriages you have to compromise something according to your parent’s wish., Anonymous. He is talking about Love marriage vs. arranged marriage. He talking about both system of marriages and advantage and disadvantage of them. Both kind of marriages have some pros and some cons. In love marriage they have better understanding before getting married whereas in arranged marriage they have to develop understanding after marriage which leads to compromises in most of the case. But this compromise factor makes their marriage more long lasting. Arranges marriage are set mostly in the same community or caste. Love marriages are breaking the barriers of caste. In arranges marriages problems between couple is resolved with the help of elders whereas in love marriage couple have to resolve their problems as in many case they are abandoned by their families.

Priyanka Kher. She is talking about changing attitude of youth of India towards marriage. People are leaning towards love marriages specially in urban areas. One of the main...
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