Marriage and Family

Topics: Marriage, Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: January 8, 2014

Marriage and Family

“Christians Are Not Called to Have Amazing Sex”

I recently read an article about how Christians are to look at sex in marriage. This kind of explains further on the issues that Christians have with the concept of having sex as a wedded couple. It expresses that some Christian’s struggle with having good sex in terms of having a healthy marriage with sex. However what happens often is that one or the other couple has learned to hold on for sex before marriage to have purity when the day comes to marry. What it has been shown is that the couple does not know how to react to the concept of having “good great sex” in the way that it’s actually good to each other. As long as they are pledging to have a strong marriage they have to realize that God did allow them to enjoy pleasure of sex together. For me, this is new of course because I did not know that fact that sex is good in all its creativity when in marriage. I honestly thought it’s only for the purpose to reproduce and after that, Christians should not do too much sex. But after learning this fact that as long as sex is not our God or our idol, then what matters next is to keep hold of the purpose of marriage, which is to honor God and themselves united as one in everything they do. I agree with the statement that, “the purpose of abstinence is good sex,” meaning that kind of sex which is healthy until marriage comes. This is where pleasure in sex like God indented to one another should occur. Also I learned as in class as well, that its not just about having good sex that keeps a “marriage strong”, but that is part of it. I like how sex is formulated to keep it upright Christian context, when the article states, “ultimately, putting sex in its proper place will encourage us to order God’s gifts in the same way that church tradition teaches the ordering of love.” We just have to understand that sex is a way to love on each other as God allowed it to in...
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