Module 5 Learning Styles and Strategies

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Learning Styles and Strategies
Directions: Briefly describe the results of your learning styles inventory. Identify 2 different settings in which you could apply the results of the inventory. For example, you could consider two different classes that you will take and describe how learning strategies may differ depending upon the subject you are studying. Identify and describe 4 techniques that will support your learning and retention. Using the results of “Learning Styles Inventory,” describe your personal learning style.| My preferred general learning style is auditory, which means I do best by hearing. However, I am considered a multi-sensory learner. There are times where I learn best by doing, and then there are other circumstances where I learn best by observation. I am flexible and my preferred learning style really boils down to, it depends on the environment, task, and information being presented. | What are some learning strategies that support your learning style?| I am a multi-sensory learner, so my learning strategy is to use the style that seems to fit at the time. If I am reading from a textbook, then I will read aloud and take notes while I read. I will then read the notes aloud and chart anything on the computer that needs to be charted. I would also look for opportunities to take breaks, to help staying attentive.| | Situation 1| Situation 2|

Where will these strategies be applied?| The first situation is learning a new operating program at work.| The second situation is listening to a lecture about a new business plan.| Technique 1| Read the manual out load.| Take notes on key points, and carefully note any visuals that are presented during the lecture.| Technique 2| Take notes on areas of importance, and include charts that will help with retention of information.| I would create charts that would be beneficial to my further understanding of the new business plan.| Technique 3| Take breaks when feeling...
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