Topics: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, American Civil War Pages: 3 (754 words) Published: April 6, 2013
MID TERM EXAM to be down loaded and answered in Word
Chapter 1 before 1492 Worlds Apart (The Indigenous Problem in America) 1a) Describe the relationship of Indigenous Peoples to the land and their level of technology in the Americas before 1492. 1c) Describe the travels of Columbus to the New World, The treatment by the explorers of the Indigenous peoples they encountered. (Optional) Describe discussion or presentation made in the class sessions on this chapter not covered in the previous instructions.

Chapter 2 Drawing the Color Line 1492 to 1600 Exploration and Conquest of the Americas (Black Slaves and Free People) 2b) Describe the Slave Trade, the middle passage, and explain the economic benefit of use of slaves. 2c) Describe measures used to enforce slavery and the legal status of imported and native born slaves. 2d) Describe the difference in treatment of Indigenous Peoples by the French, and English as a substitute.

Chapter 3 Persons of Mean and Vile Conditions
3b) Indicate the main sources of Income in the French Territories and the way in which the nature of the income generating activities of the French affected the way they treated the Indigenous Peoples., c) Describe the main sources of income in the South and the level of use and treatment of slaves, and describe the incomes generating activity in the Northern colonies and the difference in the type of work done by Slaves in the North. 3d) Describe any discussion or presentation made in the class sessions on this chapter as a substitute.

Chapter 4 Tyranny is Tyranny (Convergence and Conflict 1763 – 1774 ) 4a) List the various worker groups involved in the 18 white rebellions against the Colonial Upper class and list their grievances in the immediate years prior to the Revolutionary War. 4c) Describe the events and the background of the Boston Massacre...
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