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Topics: Chemistry, Chemical substance, Chemical reaction Pages: 3 (431 words) Published: September 25, 2013
Unit 1 Notes
Chapter 3

Observation v. Inference
Quantitative or qualitative
Something that you know from ____________________________ •Ex. “made of wood”, “wax”
Physical v. Chemical Properties
Physical Properties:
Can be observed without changing the chemical makeup of a substance •Examples:
Chemical Properties:
Describes a chemical change & the kinds of chemical reactions that a substance undergoes Examples:
Physical Changes
Changes in physical properties
______________________________________________________________________ Examples:

Chemical Changes
One or more substances (reactants) are transformed into one or more difference substances (products) •reaction of sodium with water

Evidence of Chemical Reactions
______________________________________: gives off heat
______________________________________: absorbs heat from surroundings •__________________________________________
Conservation of Mass
Late 18th century, scientists started to gather quantitative data during experiments •Using analytical balance, found that the mass before and after chemical reactions was the same •Occurred repeatedly so they summarized in scientific law •______________________________________________________________________



Elements & Compounds
Pure substance that cannot be separated into simpler substances by physical or chemical means •Periodic Table: organizes elements based on physical and chemical properties •Compound:
combination of 2 or more elements that are combined chemically •Properties of cmpd differ from those of elements (salt and water)

Combination of 2 or more pure...
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