Psychology Learning Homework

Topics: Reinforcement, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 3 (498 words) Published: June 27, 2013
PSY10 – A4

Homework: Learning Theory Comparison

Objective: To help students better understand learning theories Procedure: Instruct students to use their textbooks and lecture notes to complete the chart Learning Theory Comparison

Describe the procedures and results, and give an example for each learning theory.

Classical Conditioning|
Procedure| Method of teaching connections between two stimuli. It is the process of associating, and consequently, providing meaning to a neutral stimulus with another meaningful stimulus, in order to elicit similar response.| Result| The learning is based on experience.| Example| One day you ate street foods, by the end of the day you were food poisoned. Next time you see street foods, you feel uncomfortable with it.| Operant Conditioning|

Procedure| The learning is based on consequences. It may change one’s behavior by form, strength and weaknesses.| Result| The learning is based on what he/she will receive. Maybe a positive or negative.| Example| You exert more effort doing the chores cause your mom promised you that she’ll give you 100 pesos.| Observational Learning|

Procedure| Learning through the behavior of other people.| Result| Learning occurs when one is imitating a personality, someone he/she admires and likes, or giving their attention to the people he/she saw.| Example| An infant saw his older sister get scolded from taking a cookie without permission. Infant learned that he...
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