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Q.1 Bond enthalpy of fluorine is lower than that of chlorine, why? Q.2 Give the IUPAC name of the following compound:

Q.3 On increasing temperature, activation energy of a reaction decreases, why? Q 4 Which of the following is most effective electrolyte in the coagulative of AgI/Ag+sol? K2SO4, MgCl2, K4[Fe(CN)6]
Q.5 Write the reaction when glucose is heated with excess of HI. Q.6 Which Xe compound has distorted octahedral shape?
Q.7 What is the denticity of co-ordination compound used for the treatment of lead Poisoning? Q.8 An alkoxide is a stronger base than hydroxide ion. Justify. Q.9 (a) State the law which helps to determine the limiting molar conductivity of weak electrolyte.

(b) Calculate limiting molar conductivity of CaSO4 (limiting molar conductivity of calcium and sulphate ions are 119.0 and160.0 S cm
Q.10 Rate constant K for first order reaction has been found to be 2.54 x 10 -3
. Calculate its
three-fourth life.
A first order gas reaction A2(g)B2(g) → 2A(g) + 2B(g)
at the temperature 400
C has the rate
Constant K =2.0x10
. What percentage of A2B2 is decomposed on heating for 900
Q.11 Do the following conversions:
(i) Methyl bromide to acetone.
(ii) Benzyl chloride to 2-phenyl acetic acid.

Q.12 How will you distinguish between the following pairs of compounds: (i) Chloroform and carbon tetra chloride.
(ii) Benzyl alcohol and chlorobenzene.

Q.13 For a chemical reaction variation in rate with conc. is shown below: Rate
Conc.—→ What is the order of the reaction?
What are the units of rate constant K for the reaction?
Q.14 Give the electronic configuration of d-orbitals of K3 [Fe(CN6)] and K3 [FeF6] and explain why these complexes give different colour with same solution. (At. No. Of Fe=26u)
Q.15 Give reason for the following:
(i) O-Toludine is more basic than aniline.
(ii) Tertiary amines do not undergo acetylation reaction. Q.16 Write the following name reaction:
(i) Gabriel phthalimide reaction.
(ii) Hoffman bromamide reaction.
Q.17 Silver metal crystallises with a face centred cubic lattice. The length of unit cell is found to be 4.077x10
cm. Calculate atomic radius and density of silver.
(atomic mass of Ag = 108u, NA = 6.02x10
Q.18 Calculate packing efficiency in ccp structure.
Q.19 Manu and his father went to a shop to purchase a battery for their inverter. Shopkeeper showed them two types of batteries, one with lead plates and the other with cadmium plates. The battery with cadmium plates was more expensive than the lead battery. Manu’s father wanted to purchase lead battery as it was cheaper.

After reading the above passage, answer the following questions: a) As a student of chemistry, why would you suggest to Manu’s father to buy the expensive cadmium plate battery. Give two reasons.

b) What are the values associated with the above decision?
Q.20 Give a reason for the following :
(i) Rough surface of catalyst is more effective than smooth surface. (ii) Smoke passed through charged plates before allowing it to come out of chimneys in factories.
(iii) Ne gets easily absorbed over charcoal than He.
Q.21 (a) Give one example of each of the following:
(i) Acidic flux (ii) Basic flux
(b) What happens when:
(i) Cu2O undergoes self reduction in a silica line converter. (ii) Haematite oxidises carbon to carbon monoxide. OR
(a) What role does cryolite play in Hall Haraoult process? (b) How can alumina be separated from...
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