Science Study year 9

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Ionic compound: is a chemical compound in which ions are held together by lattice structure by ionic bonds Types of Radiations: Alpha, Beta and Gama
Half life - The time taken for the radioactivity of a specified isotope to fall to half its original value. Characteristics of living things: reproduces, respiration,

Organic matter refers to that matter which is form a once a living organism and is capable of decay. It also entails the composition of organic compounds. Organic matter comes from animals and plants found in the environment.

Transparent: Light can pass through the object and it is see through. Translucent: allowing light, semi-transparent
Opaque: Not transparent

Neurotransmitter: transmitter in the brain

The law of reflection governs the reflection of light-rays off smooth conducting surfaces, such as polished metal or metal-coated glass mirrors.

Chemical: can’t change it back to it’s natural state (cooking) Psychical: can change it back to it’s natural state (ice cube) Iron rusts is chemical change
Set something on fire is a chemical change

What is in a plant cell:
- Nucleus
- Chloroplast
- Nucleolus
- Tonoplast
- Vacuole
- Plasmodesmata
- Cell wall

They are placed in the periodic table based on their atomic number Atomic number is number of protons found in nucleus
The mass number is the total number of protons and neutrons’ in the nucleus

The first line of defense against disease if your skin

Diseases are spread through the air, from direct or indirect contact with another person, soiled objects, skin or mucous membrane.
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