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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Educational Psychology is applied psychology used in both the disciplines of psychology and education. It revolves around the teaching – learning process, providing the teacher with the broad knowledge and understanding of varied tools and techniques, and necessary skills in dealing with the needs of learners. COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the end of the course, the students shall be able to: 1. discuss and show understanding of the purpose and methods used in educational psychology 2. gain knowledge and insights on the principles and processes of human growth and development, the principle of individual difference, the nature of the learning process, and the behavior problems 3. identify, discuss, and apply the appropriate theories of learning in classroom situations 4. differentiate, compare, and analyze the theories and principles of transfer of learning 5. identify and explain the factors that affect efficient learning, nature of retention and forgetting, factors that influence forgetting, and method of measuring retention 6. gain the knowledge and ability to prepare and use techniques of measuring and evaluating student’s performance objectively COURSE CREDIT: 3 units, 3 hours per week

1. Quiz/Attendance- 25%
2. Participation/Assignment/Oral Reports- 25%
3. Final Exams- 25%
4. Practicum/Concept Paper/Term Paper- 25%
Total: 100%
1. Educational Psychology: Scopes and Functions
2.1. Purpose of Educational Psychology
2.2. Objectives of Educational Psychology
2.3. Methods Use in Educational Psychology
a. Observation
b. Rating Scales
c. Questionnaire
d. Sociometric Techniques
e. Case Study Method
f. Psychological Testing
g. Experimentation
h. Anecdotal Records
2. The Process of Growth and Development
3.4. Growth and Development Defined
3.5. Rate of Development
3.6. Developmental Task
3.7. Developmental Stages
a. Prenatal Periods (Conception to Birth)
b. Infancy
c. Babyhood (2 weeks to 2 years)
d. Childhood (2 years to Adolescence)
e. Puberty (11 to 16 years)
3.8. General Principles of Development
3.9. Factors Influencing Development
3. Growth and Development During Infancy and Childhood
4.10. Patterns of Growth and Development
4.11. Physical Growth and Development
4.12. Cognitive Development/Stages of Intellectual Development 4.13. Social Development
4.14. Emotional Development
4. Growth and Development During Adolescence
5.15. Adolescent Period
5.16. The Growth Pattern
5.17. Early and Late Maturity
5.18. Developmental Tasks of Adolescence
5.19. Physical Development
5.20. Mental Development
5.21. Emotional Development
5.22. Sexual Development
5.23. Juvenile Delinquency
5.24. Self-Perceptions, Ideals, and Values of Adolescents 5. Individual Difference
6.25. Definition and Types of Individual Differences
6.26. Physical Differences
6.27. Intellectual Differences
6.28. Achievement Differences
6.29. Intra-individual Differences
6.30. Educational Provisions for Individual Differences 6.31. Homogeneous Grouping vs. Heterogeneous Grouping
6.32. Special Classes for the Mentally Retarded
6.33. Special Provisions for the Gifted
6.34. Acceleration and Retention
6.35. Non Graded Plans
6.36. Individualized Instruction
6.37. Programmed Instruction
6. Nature and Types of Learning
7.38. Nature of Learning
7.39. Factors that Influence Learning
7.40. Outcomes of Learning

References: * Aquino, Gaudencio V. Educational Psychology. Rex Bookstore. Manila, 1993
* Aquino, Gaudencio V. Ana Pepetua Razon U. Educational Psychology. Rex Bookstore. Manila, 1993
* Lardizabal, Amparo S. Foundations of Education, Revised Edition. Rex Printing Company, Inc. 1998
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