Teaching & Learning annotated bibliography

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Teaching & Learning Articles:

Wiggins, G. (2004). Assessment as Feedback. March 2004 New Horizons for Learning. Retrieved 11 September 2007, from http://www.newhorizons.org/strategies/assess/wiggins.htm

Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL). Keys to Learning. Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL). Retrieved 13 September 2007, from http://www.mcrel.org/keystolearning/default.aspx?tabid=2098 An examination of system level issues regarding what is needed for effective standards to be documented and then transferred to the classroom.

Rowe, K. (2006). Effective teaching practices for students with and without learning difficulties: Constructivism as a legitimate theory of learning AND of teaching. Background paper to keynote address presented at the NSW DET Office of Schools Portfolio Forum, Wilkins Gallery, Sydney, 14 July 2006. Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), Melbourne, Vic. (distributed 25th September 2007)

Provides an analysis of research of constructivist approaches and direct instruction, concluding “last 3 lines of abstract”

Hill, P.W. (2003). How to teach better: Pedagogy for deep learning. 2003 Curriculum Corporation Conference, Perth, 17 June 2003. Breaks the curriculum into four parts:
1. Core curriculum: generic competencies / life-skills.
2. Formal curriculum: disciplinary rules, understanding and methods. 3. Chosen curriculum: by individual teachers and students.
4. Meta-curriculum: activities, events and traditions good schools arrange to promote personal development, character and a community of learners.

Curriculum and pedagogy discussion => generic wanking!!! Emotive; political; platitudes…. Talks a lot about / references a lot of specific strategies and techniques which worked in specific (mostly private) schools and almost advocates their use… same as TQM being a set of strategies leading to failure/ non-success vs. TQM being a philosophy where appropriate strategies chosen to suit “the situation” -> indicates a lack of organisational change / behaviour change knowledge. Key Idea 1: “All teachers and principals need a coherent and balanced understanding of how students learn and what constitutes good learning.” (p5) Wanky flexible => everybody “right”!!! Misses substantial turnover in N.T. schools w.r.t. staff changes. Key Idea 2: “To be effective, teachers need more than just general pedagogical knowledge they need knowledge of their particular discipline and pedagogical knowledge of how to teach in that discipline.” (p7) Marzano, R.J. Gaddy, B.B. and Dean, C. (2000). What Works in Classroom Instruction. Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL), Aurora, Co. Seminal (article/ book/ report/ work/ manual) where much prior research into teaching and learning was synthesized to provide the basis for classroom instructional strategies this report where Marzano et. al. identify nine strategies that positively impact student learning: Identifying similarities and differences

Homework and practice
Setting goals and providing feedback
Summarizing and note taking
Non-linguistic representations
Generating and testing hypotheses
Reinforcing effort and providing recognition
Cooperative learning
Activating prior knowledge

Based upon previous McREL document “A Theory-Based Meta-Analysis of Research on Instruction” authored by Marzano in 1998. Designed to be a manual to support teachers with a chapter on each strategy covering the research, the theory underlying the strategy and some examples of situational use of the strategy. Marzano’s approach to interpreting meta-analysis data varies from other authors such as Hattie, in that he has classified the results using theoretical teaching and learning classifications rather that the more generic terms often used by other educational researchers using a meta-analysis approach.

Western and Northern Canadian Protocol for Collaboration in Education,...
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