The Writing Style of The Moonstone

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The Writing Style of The Moonstone
The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins has a very unique writing style, creating an overall effect on the reading experience. In this story, Collins decided to write his story by having his characters mark down their own experiences with the Moonstone. The audience is able to read different points of views from varying characters such as Gabriel Betteredge, Ezra Jennings, Miss Drusilla Clack and a few others. Each written narrative differed in writing style, experiences, and perspectives. By doing so, Collins provides a mystery that is seen through many different angles, producing an overall effect of a thoroughly analyzed mystery. Though each narrative holds a different story, they all come together as one, in which an ending of one narrative becomes the beginning of another. Thus, the mystery of the Moonstone flows nicely, even though different writing styles and perspectives are presented to the reader. The differences in writing styles and perspectives allow the readers to further investigate the mystery presented to them by becoming closer to the truth in a very intimate way. This intimacy is due to the structure of the writing style, allowing the reader to delve into the mind of the character who is writing the narrative. The audience is able to view the biases that the characters have on one another and how they view the situation at hand. By deciding to write in such a format, Collins gives the readers a chance to create an internal relationship with each character, either liking or disliking. The reader is to take the course in which the character took and relives the character’s past as if it was happening before them. The audience feels what the character feels and sees what the character sees; nothing is hidden from the readers. If this story was written in any other way, the story would have a different effect on the readers. By having a normal story with the structure of a narrator narrating the events, the audience...
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