Topics: Atom, Chemistry, Chemical reaction Pages: 0 (2942 words) Published: September 3, 2014

Reference: Exploring Physical Science textbook, your notes, quizzes and study packs … a supplemental summary of the concepts… use text to add formulas and examples..

Note Bene : The “guiding relationship” used throughout the course: E=MC2 This relationship is the foundation of the laws of conservation of mass and the conservation of energy…. Mass (or energy) can not be created nor destroyed, only changed (transformed) in form. Use this relationship to guide your thinking as you consider the many ideas about various forms of matter and energy. Be familiar with the definitions of the terms used in this summary…

1. Doing/exploring science:
-physics is involved in the study of energy- its forms and transformation

-dimensional analysis can be used to convert one unit to another (be able to do) -Scientific Notation: useful for working with very large or very small numbers. Be able to use to add, subtract, multiple and divide.

-scientists seek answers to questions about the microscopic and macroscopic world as well as answers to global questions

-Scientific experiments should include a control set up and an experimental setup in order to determine if any changes or interactions are due to the variable being tested. //// Constants… variables that could change are kept the same… aka controlled; Control: a separate set up of the conditions used to compare results… usually does not include the independent variable. Independent variable … the tested variable

dependent variable… the responding variable
hypothesis… a proposed solution to a problem that will be tested in the experiment… usually written as an If…. Then …because statement. trials, validity/error analysis…source of errors and inconsistencies.

2. General Properties of Matter
due to inertia, all objects resist a change in motion unless acted upon by a...
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