Topics: Cross-cultural communication, The Culture, Indigenous peoples Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: April 7, 2014
APPENDIX A: Guidelines for Cultural transition assignment

In this experiential learning assignment you are asked to spend time in a particular cultural setting here in Montreal or nearby, that you are unfamiliar with and would like to learn about, in order to observe and participate in that cultural setting for one day. The overall goal of the assignment is to experience and reflect on your personal tendencies in a situation of cultural transition, using course knowledge, and set individual goals for managing future transitions. This assignment has been used widely with executives to deepen their self-knowledge and understanding. The main areas of course theory which you will apply directly in this assignment are cross-cultural communications and managing cultural transitions. The main outcome is a report on the experience (maximum 1250 words) in which you report on your observations, how you approached the assignment, and what you learned about yourself through the experience. A grading criteria grid will be posted on MyCourses providing information on how the assignment will be graded.

Some examples of unfamiliar cultural settings in which you might immerse yourself include the deaf community, a women’s shelter, religious groups, an ethnic community center, a seniors’ residence, food bank, the blind community. Choose a setting that you have very little first-hand knowledge of, then plan to spend a period of time (one day is recommended) in that culture in a way that allows some participation in it (as distinct from only observing it or interviewing its members). You are not asked to immerse yourself incognito in the sub-culture. You remain yourself but are asked to participate in, rather than simply visit the cultural setting. You should strive to be more than a tourist, and participate for a period of time.

The emphasis in this fieldwork assignment is on experiential learning. The task is to experience entering and interacting with another culture...
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