02 03 Assessment

Topics: Amusement park, Ethos, Logos Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: December 13, 2014
Advertisement Chart
How does the
ad use logos?
How does the ad use pathos?
How does the
ad use ethos?
Does the ad seem effective to you?
Explain your reasoning.
Your favorite electronic device
Actor demonstrates some of the many features of the device.   The actor seems to be very happy while using the device.  Aaron Paul is a widely known actor and is endorsing this product.  
 This ad seems as though it would be very effective, due to the celebrity endorsement, and the joy the actor appears to be having  
Internet link to the advertisement
A vehicle you would like to own someday
 The ad shows that the car is customizable to fit any person’s wants or needs.  
 The people shown in the video appear to be intrigued while looking at the car.  
 This specific ad does not use any celebrity endorsements or claim any credibility.  
Yes, partially because I am biased due to the fact that I love mustangs and currently drive one. Internet link to the advertisement
A food or beverage that seems healthy
 The ad states that the product is an energy drink and that it is risk free.  
 “The Insanely Healthy Energy Drink”
 No shown use of ethos.
 Somewhat, due to its bright colors and exciting design.
Internet link to the advertisement
An amusement park or vacation destination you would like to visit  Shows a theme park with lots of attractions and things to do.  The people in the video appear to be very happy and joyous.  
 Yes, Disney looks like a very enjoyable place to be. 
Internet link to the advertisement
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