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Marriage, Family, And Residence

: What Are The Possibilities?
Introducing Cultural Anthropology, Roberta Edwards Lenkeit (Chapter 7)

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Note that the scarves of the bride and groom are tied
together. This joining of scarves symbolizes their eternal
bond in this traditional Hindu wedding.
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Diagramming Kingship
Marriage Rules
Marriage Forms and Functions
Mate Choice and Marriage Finance
Residence Patterns
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Kinship diagrams are a shorthand method of representing
and giving a clear visual picture of kin relationships.
Symbols are used in Diagrams
(1) to limit linguistic confusion
(2) it is easier to trace and understand complex 

relationships with the use of these visual images.

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Symbols Used in Kinship Diagrams

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A point of reference is always designated in the kind diagram by the designation Ego.

Knowing the person who is Ego is important because information about kin relationships, obligations, and terminology will be different when there is a change in the point of reference.

Anthropologists also use a short method to write about kin relationships.

1) Mo, Fa, Da, Si, Wi, Hu, Ch, Br, So

2) (M), (F), (D), (Z), (W), (H), (C), (B), (S)


Exogamy: Specifies that a person must marry outside
of a designated group of people.
Endogamy: Rules that specify the groups within which
a person should or must marry.
The Levirate and Sororate.

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All cultures have rules about whom it is appropriate to marry.

Some are formal rules that are part of the society’s legal system; others are informal.

- In Korea, We can’t marry with Great- grandfath’s brothers, and sisters’ descendents for father’s side. and grandfather’s descandent for mother’s side.

- How about in Cambodia?

Two marriage rules found in most cultures are the rules of exogamy and endogamy.

Exogamous rules in nearly all cultures also include kin other than the nuclear family.

(In some culture you cannott marry cousins. in other cultures you can marry certain cousins but not others.)

One hypothesis offerd to explain exogamous rules is that they prevent incest, which in turn prevents deformities in offspring.

Other hypotheses to explain the origin of exogamous rules include the suggestion that exogamous rules help to extend territory, create political alliances, or stimulate trade.

Still other suggested that exogamous rule came about to reduce conflict within families, where sexual liaisons with kin would cause jealousy.

The Levirate and the Sororate

Levirate = A marriage custom in which a 

widow marries her deceased 

husband’s brother.

Sororate = A marriage custom in which a 

widower marries a sister of his 

deceased wife.
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the levitate and sorority are preferential marriage rules found in many cultures. Each specifies whom one should marry if one’s spouse dies.

Both rules serve the purpose of ensuring that everyone is economically protected in the case of spouse’s death.

Such customs also ensure that the deceased person’s children are raised by members of his or her group and that alliances remain between the families.

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Group Marriage
Sister Exchange Marriage
A Muslim Rashaida Bedouin merchant and his three wives.
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