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1.04 Notes Guide
“Global Trade Rocks the World”
Answer the 1.02 Notes Guide as you engage in the lesson. Submit your completed work to the 1.04 Notes Guide Dropbox

I.   Columbian    Exchange
Transatlantic trade of crops, technology, and culture between the   Americans    and    Europe, Africa and Asia
It began in    1492   with Columbus’s first voyage. A. Europeans Gain Wealth
Europeans brought to the Americas: wheat, cows,  horses    , firearms, wheels, laws, languages, and customs
Europeans returned from the Americas: peanuts, pineapples, tomatoes,    potatoes   cocoa and tobacco
B.  Native Americans    Devastated
Misery brought by the Europeans far outweighed the benefits
  diseases    like smallpox, typhus, and measles spread rapidly devastating entire Native American populations
II. Triangular Trade
  Triangular    : Trade between the Americas, Europe and Arica    Plantations  : large farms that produced crops for sale (also known as “cash crops”)
A. Africans Enslaved
Plantations required huge numbers of workers who labored long hours The first enslaved    Africans   arrived I the Americas in 1517 Europeans constructed a cruel system to supply    slaves   to the Americas Slaves were regarded as property.

B.  Middle passage    
Part of triangular trade
Africans were forcibly taken from Africa to slavery in the Americas Terrifying journey across the ocean in the hull of a   slave ship    III. Effects of the Columbian Exchange

Causes:Desire to accumulate wealth  A rebirth    of a spirit of inquiryImproved seafaring   technology   
Which Led To:
Europeans   exploring    the Americas
Which Caused: (Effects) An   exchange    of goods and ideas between Europe and the Americas begins.European    diseases   devastate Native American populations.Europeans enter the West African   slave trade   . Complete the 1.04 Notes Guide and submit your completed work to the 1.04...
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