10 Important Criteria to Choose a Pc

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1. Processor (CPU)
Processor refers to CPU (Central Processing Unit) which is the brains of the computer where most calculations take place. In terms of computing power, processor is the most important element of a computer system. Without it, a computer cannot even boot up or running. The performance of processors determines the speed and the performance of the notebook as well. Whether a computer system can run smooth or not is also depend on the performance of processor. Most of the processors of notebooks can be divided into two types, which are Intel based and AMD based. AMD chips usually less expensive and notebooks based on them are cheaper then Intel based notebooks. But compared to AMD chips, Intel chips consume less power so that battery life can be extended and there are less overheating issues. Thus, Intel based notebooks are more recommended compared to AMD based notebooks. We can select fast CPU within numerous modifications of Intel CPUs based on Second Level CPU cache, FSB or Bus speed (data transfer speed between CPU and memory in MHz). The larger CPU cache and bus speed, the faster performance of laptops. As example, if there are two notebooks both equipped with Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor, the one which has 1.86GHz, 533MHz FSB will run faster than the one which has 1.66 GHz, 533MHz FSB. The version and modification of processors also determine its performance. Intel Core 2 Duo has the highest system performance and multitasking, energy efficiency as well as gaming performance and maximizes digital media performance. Intel Pentium Dual-Core has medium system performance and energy efficiency which is slightly better than Intel Celeron. Intel Celeron has the lowest system performance and energy efficiency but it is the cheapest among all of the Intel processor. The purpose of using a notebook determines the processor needed in the notebook. If the notebook is only used for word processing, the CPU speed and performance that needed is far lower than the one which is used for gaming or heavy graphics rendering.

2. Hard drives
Hard drive is the permanent storage device inside computer or notebook. Hard disk capacity and speed are important features when we select hard drives. Without hard disk, we cannot store the information that we need or the project that had been done in the computer.

Notebook drives are typically 2.5" in size and can range from 20 up to 300 GB in size. The bigger of hard disk capacity the better as there will have enough room to store the information for ready access. However, the bigger of hard disk capacity also accompanied by higher cost. 40 Gigabytes of hard disk space is considered a minimum for a notebook. Consider that Windows Vista requires 15 Gigabytes or more of disk space to install; we should consider getting a notebook with about 80 Gigabytes or more disk space. This will allow enough room for storage and the price is still acceptable for budgeted purchase. But if the notebook is planned to store a large number of picture and video, bigger hard disk capacity which is above 120 Gigabytes is considered.

The second factor is the speed of the hard drive, which indicates by RPM. RPM refers to how fast the drive can spin to find the files you’re looking for. In most cases, notebook hard drives spin at a 5,400rpm speed. Some higher performance systems and desktop replacements will feature 7,200rpm drives. The high spin rate allows for better performance but also uses up more battery life when not plugged into an outlet. Conversely, some use the 4,200rpm speed with lower performance to either reduce power consumption or due to the lower cost for the drives.

Random access memory (usually known by its acronym, RAM) is a type of computer data storage. It today takes the form of integrated circuits that allow the stored data to be accessed in any order, i.e. at random. When we are looking for a notebook, first we...
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