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1.1.1 Study: Summarizing

Study SheetStudy Sheet
Claire Hasenoehrl

Physical Science (S2541215)

Date: ____________

Use the spaces below to take notes on the key concepts presented in this study.

Main Idea #1: This study introduces the fundamental principles of being a successful questioner and shows you how to ask and answer your own questions. Describe each step of the inquiry process in your own words.

An expression of inquiry that asks for a reply

A guess you are making about a result based on a past experience. Predictions should have a justified and realistic reason behind them.

The search for information or solutions to problems. Should include a step by step plan of action.

Using your senses to gather information.

Covers all main points of the question,
prediction, investigation, and observation
A great summary should include: original
question, prediction/hypothesis, investigative
plan, whether the prediction was correct or
incorrect, data from observations to support/
deny the prediction, possible errors, & new
questions that arise from the investigation

A statement explaining observations/tying them to
other concepts you already know.

Main Idea #2: Matter can be classified based on its properties.

Anything that takes up space and has mass.

Characteristics used to distinguish between
different types of matter using differences
in appearance.

The characteristics of a substance when it interacts
with other substances

size, shape, color, texture

A state of matter that has a
definite shape and volume.

ability to burn, rust, or bubble

A state of matter that has a
definite volume but can change
shape. Always take the shape
of their container.

Doesn’t have a definite size
or shape. Takes shape of
container, but tries to occupy
all space given.

Either an element or a compound that cannot be physically separated.

Matter in which atoms are the same kind

A material...
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