130Lab Quiz 1

Topics: Chemistry, Solubility, Experiment Pages: 2 (247 words) Published: November 16, 2014

General Chemistry I Laboratory
Lab 1

Answer the following questions in short, complete sentences.

1. When must goggles be worn in the lab?

2. Why are eating and drinking prohibited in the lab?

3. If you injure yourself in the laboratory, what should you do?

4. Why should loose hair, clothing and jewelry be restrained while you are performing an experiment?

5. Describe an appropriate work area for experimentation?

6. Why must shoes be worn at all times while performing an experiment?

7. What should you do if you spill chemicals on the lab table?

8. How should a water bath be prepared?

9. What precautions should be taken with hot glassware in the laboratory?

10. How should you dispose of the following?

a. Acids and bases
b. Aqueous solutions
c. Small amounts of soluble solids
d. Large amounts of soluble solids or insoluble solids
e. Broken glass
f. Flammable liquids

11. Why should you never place chemicals directly on balance pans?

12. Why should you always use a rubber bulb to pipette a liquid?

13. Why should disposable droppers be used for only one chemical?

14. Why should you never use a test tube holder to carry a flask?

15. How should you smell a chemical?

16. What should be your immediate reaction if chemicals touch your skin or eyes?

17. Why should you never taste a chemical or solution?

18. Should you pour acid into water or water into acid? Explain.

19. What precautions should you take when working with flammable liquids?

20. Why should you never return unused chemicals to the reagent bottles?
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