18th Century Drinking

Topics: Communication, Cross-cultural communication, Grammar Pages: 2 (297 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Which of the following is true about excellent communication skills?
They can dramatically improve your chances for business success.

Effective communication is all about delivering the message with style and a flair for the dramatic. FALSE

The higher you advance in an organization, the less important listening becomes FALSE

Telephone conversations provide a richer communication channel than email. TRUE

Excellent communication skills can dramatically improve your chances for business success. TRUE

A manager's ________ communication includes posture, gestures and facial expressions. NONVERBAL

________ is language used only by specific groups. SLANG

Grammatical errors often undermine the author's credibility and distract the reader from the intended message. TRUE

The richness of a communication channel refers to the amount of verbal and nonverbal information it can convey. TRUE

Studies indicate that during face-to-face communication, only ________ of meaning comes from the verbal content of the message. 7%

The videoconferencing communication channel should be used to deliver an important message to many people at the same time and to experience the immediate response of the listeners. TRUE

As international trade grows in importance, intercultural communication will become increasingly important to long-term business success. TRUE

Bias is a preconception about members of a particular group and includes gender and age bias. TRUE

A passive voice occurs when a message does not transmit as the sender intended. FALSE

Two-way communication involves: SPEAKING AND LISTENING

________ refers to words that suggest stereotypical attitudes toward people of a specific age. AGE BIAS

The communication channel with the greatest channel richness includes: face-to-face meetings

The amount of verbal and nonverbal information it can convey to recipients refers to the ________ of a communication channel RICHNESS

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