19th century

Topics: Colonialism, Africa, British Empire Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: October 13, 2013

In 19th and 20th century, British and French were the two of the most influential country in the world. At that time, Great Britain was the first colonial country in the world. They controlled the 1/3 lands of the world. France also was an industrialized nation with a large empire. They colonized lots of country and became the second colonial country. These two countries were all interested in Africa where have lots of oil, gold, diamond and plenty of good resources for them to exploit. They were all colonized in African but used different way to control and manage their colonies. Britain used “Indirect Rule” to control their colonies, and France used “Direct Rule” to control their colonies. Great Britain was a huge empire. Their industry technology was the best in the world. They had strong navy and they used to conquer about 1/3 of the world. During nineteen century, Britain was interested on the recourse where in the Africa. British occupied Egypt at first, and then they also took over the Sudan. And more and more country controlled by British. British used a way called “Indirect rule” to colonize their colonies. British government encouraged African farmers to grow cash crops, and they also built railroad system (Goff 48). Their acts made African’s economy developed faster and faster. Because of the absence of a British immigrant, African gained more opportunities to get jobs. African demanded that they wanted to get education to learn for new skills. Britain would like to build school for them and under Britain’s indirect rules. It’s helped lots of country’s development (Goff 48). In the other hand, some country disliked British colonize, like Uganda and Kenya. They had some disturbing consequences in later years. The colonies were not isolated foreign communities, but were essentially slave camps that pervaded most of the populated territory of the continent. And also foreign governments and companies controlled the economies of the so-called...

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