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Algirdas Vičas RT-0/1 research.

Wireless mobile technologies: 5 generations

Telecomunication has always been important part of humans life. In last five dacades it had many changes, so I would like to introduce very important part of todays word communications: five generations of wireless mobile communication. During years wireless mobile technology has changed alot and developed into many diferent upgrades, which is my research topic. Using information, which I got on the internet, mostly wikipedia, I will try to define already developed generations, its history, technology, its parameters, also I will talk about wireless technology future plans which will affect future world communications. In this research I did social survey and also added a questionnairy to my research paper.This topic is related to my studies becouse I‘m student of telecomunications engineering, and I found out a lot of useful information I didn‘t know and I think it will be very important in the future to have a deep knowledge in this part of communications.

This article whrites about creation and developement of 1G – first genereration wireless phone technology. Given information can be divided into three parts: In the first part there is written about diferences between first generation and second generation wireless phone techologies, the way data is transfered and parameters of first generation technolgy. In the second part it is explained how 1G works in different countries, there are mentioned what different standarts were created in different reagions of the world, moreover information is given about Japans few separate standarts. Continuing onto the third part of the article there is some information about 1G historical sequence of launching, and population, firstly it is written about Japan, as it created 1G, and later, about other countries which decided to install it.

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