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Synopsis and guiding questions for cases

Hereafter, you will find synopsis and write-up questions/assignments on each scheduled case in view of helping you to prepare class discussion. Even if cases are scheduled for specific themes, most of them address issues related to many themes. Those who present will try to integrate theories and frameworks already seen in previous themes to new cases and should consider questions suggested as start points of discussion and feel free to discuss the case on more issues than those covered by these questions. However, for the individual write-up, your discussion should be limited to the question on the case.


Apple Computer, Inc. has enjoyed tremendous market success with its digital music initiative consisting of software (iTunes), hardware (iPods and Shuffles) and content (iTunes Music Store). This case focuses on the online music industry within the context of the overall music industry. Please conduct analysis of the external environment and identify opportunities and threats. What are the factors that facilitated the Apple’s success? What are the driving forces in this industry?


Starbucks is operating in the specialty coffee industry. Facing competition, the company needs to leverage its core competencies to take advantage of various opportunities and grow. Please carry out the analysis of the internal environment of this company and identify its strengths, weaknesses, and core competences.

3. Dell Inc. in 2009

Throughout the years, Dell INC. had built up a set of competitive advantages that seemed unassailable until the early 2000s. Since then, the company felt behind but it would like to come back in its leading position. Analyze the internal environment of this company and identify its strengths, weaknesses, and core competences. Thereafter, identify means that the company missed to use to sustain its core competences and those that...
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