5.05 Chemistry Mixtures and Solutions

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05.05 Mixtures and Solutions: Lab Report: Outline
 The title of the lab should be at the top of the lab report. Background Information and Research
1. Paper chromatography is used to break down colors with using water and the way the colors separate. 2. Doctors can use it to test for alcohol in people’s blood. People can also use it to check for pollutants in the water. Pharmacists can use it to find out how much of each chemical is in each product. 3. I searched it up on google.

The purpose of this test is to see what colors are in certain colors. We use chromatography to separate them/ Materials
* Candy with a colored coating, like Skittles® or M&Ms® (4 different colors) * Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol
* Coffee filters (2)
* Tall glasses or plastic cups (2)
* Pencil
* Ruler
* Tape
* Foil or paper plate
* Table salt
* Water
* Toothpicks or cotton swabs (4)
* Measuring cups/spoons
* Clean pitcher or 2-liter bottle
1. First I cut out the pieces of coffee filter.
2. I labeled each piece.
3. I put 4 drops of water on the plate then put a Skittle on each drop. 4. I took off the Skittles and colored each strip with each color. 5. I filled two cups up to ¼ inch. One with the saltwater mixture the other with rubbing alcohol. 6. I waited.

7. And waited.
8. And waited.
9. Finally I took out the strips.
Data and Observations
* I thought that the colors would stay the same.

* This experiment took a really long time.
Discussion and Conclusion:
The first part of this section discusses the observations and results of the lab as well as any mistakes that may have been made (or what measures were taken to try to avoid mistakes) and what improvements, if any, you can think of for the procedure for the next time the lab will be conducted. I results of this test were good. They indicated that the chromatography...
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