5 National Culture Dimension Comparation Between America and Japan

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Based on Geert Hofstede book titled Long-term Orientation (LTO) Cultures and Organizations: Software for the Mind, Third Edition, There are five dimensions of National Culture. Before, it was just a four dimensions but research by Michael Bond and colleagues among students in 23 countries led him in 1991 to adding a fifth dimension. And the five dimensions of national culture are: Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Individualism vs Collectivism, Masculinity vs Feminimity, and Long Term Orientation. Before i go to explain those 5 natioal culture dimensions and to help me explain about it, i put a chart below about the comparison of 5 National Culture Dimension between two most powerfull country in two largest continent in the world, that is United States from America and Jappan, from Asia.

Image source: http://geert-hofstede.com/united-states.html

Power Distance:
In my brief opinion, power distance is an unequal power share condition between the society in a country. One group of people has a very strong power and the other has the less. Example:
It the chart, we can see that United States has score 40 and Japan has 52 of PDI. The number of 40 from US is a low score, it shows that US is quite equal in power sharing in their society because US has a premise, that is “Liberty for Everyone” Japan has 52 in score, just a bit different from US. Japan has a notion that everyone can be anything what they want as long as they can work hard enough for it. They like have no one in a very top position which can have a strong enough power to have an absolute decision, so thats why any kind of decision made in Japan will be very slow because it has to be approven by people in every level.

Individualism vs Collectivisme
In my brief opinion, Individualism is an interdependency between people, or how people can integrate in groups. Example:
US has 91 score in individualism, it means that US people is a highly individual person with a strong...
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